Progress Report - 6 Months

Monday Marcus had his 6 month check up Monday. Little man isn't so little!

Official stats:
Height - 28.25 inches (95th percentile)
Weight - 21 pounds 10 ounces (97th percentile)

Apparently Marcus gained four pounds in the last two months. Our doctor said babies who average a pound a month are doing well. Marcus had no trouble doubling the average weight. What a little tank! In the doctor's words, "If Marcus continues growing at this rate he will be a solid, healthy boy." Solid - ha!

Also at this check-up the little man had his 6 month shots. Ugh. Never, ever fun.

Marcus was wiped after his vaccinations.
After the doctor appointment I put Marcus down for his nap (these days he immediately flips to his stomach when he sleeps).
I keep our baby monitor right by my side; I check the monitor every few minutes. When this is what the screen displays I can't help but laugh a bit:
How is this comfortable?!
It finally struck me to snap a few pics of the little man in this seemingly less-than comfy position.
Look at that little tush! 
Though it was apparent Marcus was experiencing some pain bedtime wasn't nearly as rough as it had been previously.


  1. LOVE his adorable squishy shoulders. And Drew sometimes sleeps like that too. I don't know HOW it's comfortable but must be!

  2. Well when you're used to be balled up in a womb, it might seem comfy to get as close to a ball as you can when you get out! lol


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