DIY Fall Wreath

DIY stuff was taking over our home. I had baby clothes, shadow boxes, glue sticks, leaves, and glitter every where! Poor Scott, I know seeing all that around our kitchen was quietly driving him nuts. Finally, I found a few naptimes that lasted longer than 30 minutes and completed the projects I had every intention of eventually getting around to.

The same wreath has been hanging on my door since last December. No joke. It doesn't look Christmas-ish, but come January - February at the latest - that wreath really should have come down. But, that's the only wreath I had. And, up it stayed. Until a couple of weeks ago.

What You'll Need
1 Grapevine wreath
Several artificial leaves - the ones on wires work great
1 spool Burlap ribbon with wire
1 Wooden letter of your choice
1 can spray glue
1 bottle glitter
Hot glue gun and a few glue sticks
Naturally, I had to add a few butterflies in there as well

To Assemble
At first I attempted to glue the leaves on the wreath. Fail. Don't try to hot glue your leaves on. Make it easy on yourself. Just intertwine the wire of the leaves through the grapevine. Once you have the desired amount of leaves on the wreath, fluff and place the leaves to ensure the wire is covered.

To get your letter glittery: liberally spray on the glue and add your glitter. Don't forget to apply glue and glitter to the sides of the letter. Allow ample time to dry.
While your letter is drying find spots in the leaves that may not have covered the wire, or grapevine well. This is a great place to add some burlap ribbon. Just cut off your ribbon (roughly 12 inches or so), create a loop, and glue it in its place.
About this time, you can place your glittered letter pretty much anywhere you'd like. I chose the lower portion of the leaves. Just add a generous amount of hot glue to the letter, place it, allow it to dry.

If you're adding other fun items, like butterflies, now is the time. There were a few spots in my leaves that were a little bare, and more burlap would have been a bit too much, and that's where each butterfly was place.

From start to finish, this took me about 45 minutes. And now my front door is has a more seasonally appropriate wreath. Yay!

Wreath inspired by: Little Lovelies

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