First Foods: Cauliflower

This went much better than I had anticipated.
You see, if you've never pureed cauliflower you are missing out on one of the worst possible smells known to mankind. I enjoy cauliflower prepared in an array of different ways, but after smelling the fruits of my labor, I wasn't so sure I ever wanted to eat cauliflower ever again.
Not only does it smell bad while being made, the smell sticks with finished pureed product. With the smell, and the similar look and texture of potatoes, I was next to positive Marcus would reject these.

I was wrong. It appears as if the little man is impartial. Our first tasting went pretty well. More than a few bites were had. One afternoon Marcus refused to open his mouth, and no cauliflower was to be eaten. That same evening the kid ate almost the entire containers worth.
It's obvious the big guy can't decide if he should love or hate these.
At least he eats them...
In other related news...
We are now practicing our sippy cup skills. There is room for LOTS of improvement!

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