Happy Marcus Monday!

Ever tried hiking with a 2-year old? 
It won't be the fastest hike you ever take. 
 You'll discover more rocks and snails than you ever dreamed imaginable. And, you'll likely redirect around more cactus than you even knew existed. 
But, it will be worth it. Every single step.  
Happy Monday!


  1. We just went on a hike yesterday and during ours, Connor discovered a horse and an airplane. They were just sticks but we spent a good 15 minutes chasing the horse with the plane. The imagination of a 2 year old is something else!

  2. Looks beautiful! And rocks are pretty fun most days :)

  3. I'm so jealous that you get to live by the ocean, beautiful!

  4. Has Marcus outgrown that back pack thing Scott wore? I love that you guys do physical, outdoorsy things with Marcus so he can learn how great it is to be outdoors burning energy!

  5. Sounds like the perfect family outing to me!

  6. I think being outside is the best place for a toddler to be! I love how much you guys get out and take in the natural world! I love for Myles to learn and explore too. The best part is how excited and fascinated they are by things we see as ordinary and boring!


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