A Walk in the Park // Fall Bucket List

When I saw one of the Fall Bucket List suggestions was a nature walk my first thought was, "Psssh, there are no seasons here. A pretty fall-like nature walk can't possibly happen for us."

Then for chits and giggles I pulled up the calendar for the South Coast Botanical Garden, you know, just to see what it was all about. The place looked gorgeous, regardless of seasons or not.

When I saw that the third Tuesday of each month was free at the gardens AND Grandma Kathy would be in town I figured we'd give it a shot. I was also secretly picturing all these gorgeous photos that I'd take with Marcus frolicking around the gardens… (Ha. Ha. Ha.)
Upon arrival I was immediately awestruck by how big the gardens were, the gorgeousness of it all - even if there weren't tree leaves changing colors - the butterflies that flitted all over, and the fact that there was a designated area for the littles.
Marcus was naturally drawn to the water pump. And didn't want to leave it, like at all.
By some miracle we were able to pull Marcus away to explore a bit. I was even able to convince the little man to stop and smell the flowers.
A couple sniffs and Marcus was over it.

I thought for sure the plant "tunnel" would draw him in.
Nope. Grandma and Marcus made one pass through and that was that.

We did touch on a few other great features of the gardens, but Marcus wasn't really into any of it.
It was becoming blazingly obvious that my visions of picture perfect pictures were quickly dying.

What Marcus WAS interested in? The dirt path. And the dirt. And the rocks.
Apparently we came to the botanical gardens for the dirt.

We made a quick pass though a picturesque path (while eating goldfish).
I snapped a few obligatory pictures of flowers as we were on our way out the door.
And, I figured we'd give this little nature experience a second shot another time. Perhaps the third Tuesday of this month we'll try again.

While the nature walk didn't turn out as I had envisioned (how I managed to get any decent photos is beyond me) - what ever does with toddlers? - it was great to check out a new space, stretch our legs (kick rocks and throw dirt), and plan a return trip.

What items have been crossed off your Fall Bucket List lately? Be sure to link up below with Stephanie, Elizabeth, and me, and give us the skinny on your fall fun!

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  1. It's sooooo beautiful there! What a perfect day (dying that he's in shorts! Our shorts days are long gone now :( Not ready for winter!)

  2. He's such a California boy with that outfit and his blonde blonde hair! If it makes you feel better, we went Trunk-or-Treating to pick up pinecones, and zero pieces of candy :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Hilarious that Marcus was only into the dirt too. Totally an Emma move. Take her somewhere awesome and she finds the least awesome thing to be interested in.

  4. What an awesome place to snap some pictures! And Marcus's outfit is super adorable. He's one trendy tot!

  5. It's so great that you have so many fun options and destinations at your fingertips! That bottom right flower is gorgeous, btw!

  6. I love botanical gardens! maybe marcus will be more into it when he's a little older.

  7. Marcus is just too cute.. C has that top and I love that we pick the same things for our littles. And you look so much like your Mom. Insane!

  8. Gorgeous! I can guarantee my kids would want to play with the water pump, and only the water pump.

  9. What a gorgeous place! I guarantee that Mason would only be into the dirt and rocks too, so don't feel bad. Regardless, at least you got in for free and Grandma could tag along and see the beauty there. I love that he stopped to smell the flowers (aka shove his face into the flowers lol). What a fun nature walk!

  10. It looks like there is some stuff for kids there, which is nice to have a little bit of that. I know Myles would have loved that water pump too. Gorgeous pictures as always!

  11. i love how often your mom visits. that makes my heart happy.

  12. You got some great pictures! Don't you love how these little people always keep us guessing?! You would think he'd love the outside time and being able to walk everywhere! But hey it was free so all you lost is time and in the process you got to try something so no loss at all really! :) BTW marcus in those sperrys and that outfit he looks so way grown up!

  13. Well it sure looks pretty and I love all the pictures you got, so I'd count that as a complete win in my book! I vote a return trip for certain. I love the little house.


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