A PSA for Dog Owners

Last week - Halloween, to be exact - I went for a run. It was a run that started like any other, except, being Halloween I thought to myself as I passed decorations of skeletons and ghosts, "This is going to be a spooktacular run!" Because, yes, I'm totally cheesy like that.

I was running in a neighborhood I run in often. It's nice. It's safe.

As I was rounding through a cul-de-sac I saw a gate open from someones backyard and a German Shepard came at me full force, barking like mad. Having a big dog of my own I understand big dogs have big barks. But, that didn't mean there wasn't fear, because, there most definitely was.

This dog continued to follow and bark at me for a few yards. Then it happened. He jumped up and bit my hip.

My run had gone from my cheesy "spooktacular" to seriously scary.

I was stunned. I held out my hand, which contained my pepper spray, and I almost gave the dog a dousing.
If you don't carry some sort of personal protective device when you walk or run you need to get one in your life ASAP!
What stopped me from spraying that dog was the fact that the dog owner's son (a kid no older than 15) was just standing there, watching this whole thing go down. That's when I shouted for the kid to get his dog and that I'd been bitten.

I don't know why, but I kept running. I was fuming and still slightly shocked. I stopped a couple of times to check the area I'd been bitten. Sure enough, there were certainly marks left from the dogs canines (how ironic).
This was taken about two days after the incident.
Before I wrapped up my run I went back to the house. The owner's - the adults of the house - needed to know that their dog had charged and bitten me.

A very civil conversation with the dog's owner took place. I informed the owner I wasn't going to report the incident. However, I suggested he keep his dog on a leash, and away from the door - considering it was Halloween, and small children would be at his door all night. I also suggested having the dog taken to a vet to try and figure out what caused the aggressive actions towards me. Had I been a child that bite wouldn't have happened on my hip, rather that bite would have been squarely on my face.

The moral of the story? If you're a dog owner keep your dogs on a leash if you're not in your own fenced yard. No matter how sweet, or docile, or calm you think your dog might be, there's a chance they could rush a person and bite them…

This isn't a post about not liking dogs. In fact, I love dogs. There's even a pony disguised as a dog who lives in my house.


One more thing… If you're a dog owner, for the love of Kibbles and Bits, no matter how small your dog may be, please pick up those land-mines your dog leaves on the sidewalks and grassy strips lining said sidewalks. Seeing those piles, and often having to dance around them, is kind of obnoxious.


  1. Maybe it's because of the job that I'm in currently, but you could certainly have went after them for that. That's a huge liability leaving the gate open with any kind of dog. Not just big dogs, little dogs can cause damage too! They are still animals who have instincts. There is no good reason for something like that to happen especially on Halloween with kids walking around.

    Also, I love Drake. He reminds me of the dog in Cinderella.

  2. How scary! I take calls like this at work, and hopefully you checked to make sure the dog was up to date on his shots? Ugggh I can't imagine. I'm glad you are ok though!!!

  3. OH MY LORD!!! I can't believe that happened and you should have TOTALLY sprayed him in the face! And I love your pony. :)

  4. Ouch!!! You were very adult to go back and talk to the owner and not just spaz out. Totally appreciate that in a 'sue happy' world. Good for you for keeping your cool.

  5. I mean seriously. You are far nicer than I am. I would have lost it. You kept a cool head and that's great. I'm so glad you aren't seriously injured.

  6. That is just nuts. I hope they actually take what happened into account. Sorry you were half eaten on your run.

  7. You are WAY nicer than I would have been girl. I was in a very similar situation out in the country (where they don't use fences) once with my partner. A dog CHARGED us and he wasn't playing. Thank God he backed down because I didn't have my mace on me that day. I really need to keep it with me ALWAYS and that was the day that, that fact finally stuck.

  8. I'm so glad you are ok but WOW is that scary! When I was little, we were playing at the park and a dog (that I'm pretty sure was trying to play with me and not hurt me) jumped on my brother and knocked him down. He was ok but was TERRIFIED of dogs for the longest time after that. I can't believe that the kid just stood there and watched it all go down. I would have sprayed the dog! You are far nicer than me. I thought you were going to say he ran to get the dog off of you and that's why you didn't spray him. Yikes. So glad you're ok!

  9. Wow! I'm glad you went back to talk to them. You're right and I couldn't agree more. I see dogs off the leash in the park down the street from us all the time and I'm always leary to keep running passed, in fear that they'll see me running and follow me. Also some of the owners seem to get irritated when they see people. SORRY it's a public road AND park and there are signs all over that say NO DOGS. As you know we have a dog (shepherd mix) and while to us, he's a big loving baby, you never know when they might snap. We've NEVER let him off the leash. Only in our yard which is completely fenced.

  10. Wow that's so awful! I don't know what I would have done. I mean I'd like to think I'd keep my cool having a big dog and all but a strange dog? And it's running at me barking. Man I don't know. I'm so glad you went back to talk to the adults. I know i'd want to know about that. Heck I'd want to know even if my dog didn't bite someone but did chase them. I hope you're ok! Oh and I totally agree with you about the dog mess -- drives me nuts!

  11. First off, I'm glad you're OK. Having said that - WTF. And seriously, a German Shepard??? I hope those parents give some serious thought to that whole situation and handle it immediately. They should even be concerned for their own child's safety. From what you're describing, it could also turn on its owners at any time. Jeeeeez. I'm so sorry, Desiree. You handled it SO WELL. I honestly don't know if I could have done the same. We have a sheltie who has always been nothing but patient, tolerant, and gentle with Maddy but I've always made it a point to stress on Maddy to respect Henry's space and to not do x, y. and z. Point being, as much as our dog is a part of our family and as much as I'd like to think he'd never act that way, I always have to remember that he is indeed, an animal. Get well soon and BE SAFE. XOXO

  12. Next time SPRAY HIM.

    And I love the little pony that lives in your house :)))

  13. hope the owners took your advice because that's seriously a mess if it happens to a kid or someone not as nice as you!


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