Women's Health Week - Do's and Don'ts

There's more to working out than throwing on some workout threads, lacing up the old kicks, and getting in a good sweat. I needed a little direction as to what is all involved in a successful workout so I recruited the hubs.

Scott is a Level I certified Crossfit instructor, and he kindly put together a nice, neat little list of workout do's and don'ts that I could share with you. All are pretty simple, and all are totally do-able.
Do - Know your abilities and what your body is capable of doing.

Do - Warm up with body weight exercises (not static stretching). Incorporate jogging, jumping jacks, air squats (a few rounds with short reps). Then move on to static stretching.

Do - Use weights and use good form.
Weights are your friends. Incorporating weights tones you, strengthens bones and tendons.

Don't - Worry about others and their abilities. Focus on doing the best you can do.

Don't ruin a good workout with a poor post-workout diet. Eat high protein foods and drink lots of water.

Don't expect immediate results. Changes won't happen overnight, don't get discouraged when change doesn't happen as fast as you might want.

Don't quit. When you don't feel like working out/running do it anyway. When you want to give up but don't are the moments when progress is being made.

Though he didn't want to type this himself (he wrote his thoughts on pen and paper, and then read them to me - awwww, cute), thank you Scott for your help.

Be sure to visit the other lovely ladies participating in Women's Health Week for more great workout do's and don'ts. Go get in on the prize pack action as well! Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.
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  1. These are some great reminders!

  2. I love working out! And motivational posters!

  3. I'm so behind on reading post...but this is a great post!!! I love all the don't!!!


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