TBT & Finish the Sentence

It's Thursday. Halle-freaking-lujah. Just one more day till we can kick this week to the curb.

In happier, almost-weekend-news, I'm going all out and linking up with every single linky party out there today.

Let's start with a little Throw Back Thursday action, shall, we? If you want to join in the fun be sure to swing by The Story of Us and let Amy know you're playing along!
The Story of Us
Here are a few real gems.
Circa 2004
College was fun. 'Nuff said.
You're welcome.

And, because I have a bit of a blog crush on Holly over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally (Holly, please don't think I'm creepy!) I had to play along with Finish the Sentence.

  • Unlike my sibling (whom I love very much)... I actually know how to read. Ok, my brother CAN read, he just chooses not to. (Tyler, you know I love you.) He obtained the athletic abilities while I inherited the academic muscle.
  • My best friend says... "These fish tacos are the tits," all the time. (Name that movie - it's her favorite!)
  • People call me... Dramatic. Where do they get off?!? Who do they think they are?!? Crap, they're probably right.
  • I most often dream... Of a life where my day doesn't revolve around cleaning up human, feline, and canine feces. I'm so over doggy-bagging, litter-scooping, and butt-wiping. 
  • The best part of my day... Is when Scott comes home and I'm relieved of mommy duties for a bit. Love my kid, but mommy feels guilty when a glass of wine sounds good at 9:00AM. 
  • I really don't understand... Why my husband can think about food and his metabolism burns the fabled food right up. I think about food and my hips expand by two inches. WTH.
  • I get really annoyed... When no one else on the road can drive as well as me. Obviously I'm the best driver in the world. 
  • There's nothing like a... Tub of buttered popcorn and a jumbo pack of M&Ms (this may also explain why my hips expand and Hubby's don't).
  • Lately, I cant get enough... sparkling red wine. Have you had it? Mouthgasim. COME TO MOMMA!
  • One thing I am NOT is... An accountant. Just ask Scott. Checkbook? Balanced budge? What?!
  • I spent too much money on... My last Target trip. And the trip before that. And the trip before that. Damn you Target!
  • I want to learn... How to SCUBA dive. Tropical vacations would be taken to a whole different level of awesome.
  • If I ever met... Adam Levine... I would probably pee my pants. He is some serious eye-candy and 93.7% of the reason why I watch The Voice.
  • I can't stop... Social media-ing. Scott thinks I have a problem. Budgeting is fun for him. What does he know?
  • Never have I ever... Been in a jail cell. There may have been an arrest, but no jail-cell-time. Not my proudest moment. Sorry Mom and Dad, that was not a fun night for any of us. 
  • Reese Witherspoon... Clearly needs to hang out with me. We could get into all sorts of shenanigans (did you see the college pictures above?!). I love her, even if she was a drunken fool. Even her mugshot was cute. How can you be mad at that?


  1. bahahaha!!! mouthgasim! i love it.
    obviously you, me and Reese need to go out some time :)

  2. Oh man... I love your finish the sentence. Hilarious! And yes, I am also incredibly addicted to social media. Sometimes I stop and think about how much I could get accomplished in one day if I didn't waste so much time on social media... and then I go tweet about it/Facebook it/blog about it.

  3. I hear ya on the social media addiction. My husband doesn't get it either! Thanks so much for linking up with TBT! :-) Your pictures are great!

  4. Girl, you are hilarious today!

  5. I have never heard of this sparkling wine you speak of... But I think I have to try it... I will try to hold off until the weekend. But lately I've been thinking I need a drink around 9AM too ;-) And your college pictures are so cute! We could have had a lot of fun together... You, me, and Reese ;-)

  6. Most adorable mug shot of all time. How she got away with not having to look at the camera kills me.

  7. College Desiree and College Angela would have had a lot of fun together if we were in the same school. I have pictures that look VERY similar to yours. :)

  8. Youre hilarious and cheers to never being in a jail cell...I got real close too but alas, I was freed :) Love your before pics :)

  9. Those college pics are GREAT!!! You are adorable!!

  10. I feel like we would be best friends. All of your answers are so similar to how I am as well. Especially the popcorn, and drama queen status;)

  11. I think we need to hear the story behind your arrest!

    I have said it before and I will say it again... SAHM's are my HEROS! I love my babies more than life itself, but I am just not cut out to be a SAHM. Maybe when they are in school full-time, I will reconsider staying home!

  12. And here I thought I was the best driver in the world? Huh. :)

  13. Hahaha !!! Want to be best friends?! I think I just fell in love with you. In the least creepy way possible, of course.

    Those college pictures, look like my college pictures, ha!

  14. Adam Levine...OH LA LA!!! The reason I watch the voice too!!! Love him!!!

  15. Love Adam Levine too (and Blake!) and seriously, how awesome is Reese's mugshot?! haha :-)


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