Tex-Mex Chicken and Rice Skillet

One skillet. Check.
Twenty-eight minutes to make a meal. Check.
New fast dinner favorite. Check!

There's no time for any elaborate meals around here. And, quite frankly, who needs elaborate? It's summer. This dish is easy, it's fast, it doesn't heat your whole house to a million degrees, and it's good.
Add those all up, and that equals WINNER in my world!

Tex-Mex Chicken and Rice Skillet
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 tsp plus 1 Tbsp veggie oil, divided
1 can Mexican-style corn
1 tbsp Pampered Chef Southwestern Seasoning (if you don't have the Pampered Chef seasoning Mrs. Dash makes a Southwest Seasoning that would work well, or taco seasoning could do the trick, too)
2 cups uncooked instant white rice
2 cups chicken broth
16 oz salsa verde
2 Tbsp snipped, fresh cilantro
1 cup shredded Mexican cheese
Add 1 tsp of oil to a 12 inch skillet; heat over medium-high heat 1-3 minutes, or until shimmering.
Drain corn; pat dry with paper towels.
Add corn to skillet in a single layer. Cook without stirring for 5 minutes, or until caramelized on one side.
Remove corn from skillet and set aside.
While corn cooks, cut chicken into 1-inch cubes.
Combine chicken and Southwest seasoning. Add chicken to skillet and cook over medium heat 5-7 minutes, or until center of chicken is no longer pink, stir occasionally.
Remove chicken from skillet and set aside.
Add remaining 1 Tbsp oil to skillet.
Add rice; stir until well coated with oil.
Add broth and salsa; bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Cover skillet; reduce heat to low.
Simmer 5 minutes, or until most of the liquid is absorbed.

To serve, spoon chicken over rice mixture in skillet.
Sprinkle with cheese and corn.
Cover; let stand 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with cilantro.
I just love how the cheese melded together with the rice, and the chicken seasoning was awesome; not too spicy, but added a nice boost to liven up the flavor.


Source: Slight Adaptations from Pampered Chef: 29 Minute to Dinner: From Everyday to Gourmet

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  1. I want to be eating this right now. Grrrr, my dinner wasn't enough!


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