BBQ Baby

It's an absolute MUST that we stop by Oklahoma Joe's when ever we are back in Kansas City. Sure, sure, there are about a billion 'que joints in the city, but this one is consistently reviewed, and revered as one of Kansas City's BEST!
It's inevitable, he's going to grow up lovin' him some good BBQ.
Marcus even got to meet Ryan!
Thanks for joining us for lunch Ryan.
Joe's sauce is now being sold by the bottle.
You'd better believe we stocked up on this stuff and flew it home with us. :)
We didn't let the little man have a taste, but he sure was eyeing my sandwich.
Turkey Z-man, only the BEST. sandwich. EVER.
The original joint is found in a gas station near downtown. How cool is that? If you're ever in the area do yourself a huge favor and grab some slow smoked goodness!


  1. Makes my mouth water just reading this! I LOVE Okie Joes and also Marcus's cheeks. They are just too cute!

  2. Thank you for rubbing it in...bj and I just got our order of Gates sauce in because, oh yeah, we don't use the crappy sauces out here.

  3. So sad that I missed you, Marcus & Scott at Okie Joes by a couple of days!! Hope you had fun.. KC is growing on me more and more as I travel out there more frequently.

    -Sara W.


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