Marcus and Lorelei

Words can't even begin to describe how thrilled I was when I found out my best friend, Amy, her hubby, Kevin, and their little angel, Lorelei, were planning to visit us while we were in Iowa.

To have our little ones together made me happier than I'll even be able to express. My heart was bursting with joy and love as our babies were introduced to one another.
We didn't plan it but our kiddos were decked out in team favorites.
If Amy and I have anything to say about it, these two will become best friends! Let's face it, we're  not really going to give Marcus and Lorelei an option. They're going to be BFFs and they're going to love it. :)

Amy brought her super sweet camera and we had an impromptu photo session.
Marcus was having NONE of this.
Lolo posed like a pro!
It quickly became obvious who was the better subject for the pictures. Of all the pictures snapped of Marcus only one made "the cut." Lolo, on the other hand, was a champ. She had several photos taken, all of which turned out ADORABLE.

To have our babies so close in age (five weeks apart) is nothing short of a miracle. As Amy says, it's as if God had it planned all along. 

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  1. I love this blog-so cute! This will be a fun page to look back on some day when they are older


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