The Disney Staycation Edition

Life has been pretty hectic around these parts, and for the foreseeable future it doesn't look like there's much of a slow down any time soon. When we saw we had a few free days on our calendar we pounced on the opportunity for a little staycation.

The kids and I frequent Disneyland as often as we can. However, Scott has never been to the parks with us. We decided a family trip to the most magical place on Earth, along with a few nights at a hotel with a water park were in order.

It doesn't matter how many times we visit the parks I am always SO giddy to go. There's something enchanting and different about each and every trip.
California Adventure
Marcus took Scott on all of his favorite rides (Dumbo, The Golden Zephyr, Tea Cups), Scott and Marcus went on a new-to-all-of-us-ride (Goofy's Fly School), and the little man and I even went on Grizzly River Run, which was a first for both of us.
Don't let this photo fool you. Radiator Springs is not among Marcus' favorite rides. Maybe one day....
There was a smattering of other rides sprinkled in there as well as a good chunk of time spent at The Redwood Creek area where the kids ran wild and free and Marcus took a turn on a zipline.

The Treats
No trip to Disney is complete without at least one of our favorite goodies. 
Julia. HA! That about sums up most of the trip for that little trooper.
Pretty much the moment we step on to Disney property Marcus asks for Mouse Ears, regardless of time of day. And, it's really, really hard for me to pass up a Dole Whip Float. So, I usually don't. Scott, on the other hand, tried exactly ZERO Disney goodies. Basically, his trip was incomplete, and I'm asking for a re-do. I mean, not even a churro. Come on!

Completely honest confession: Julia wasn't into any of the rides we took her on. Not even a little bit.
On the Golden Zephyr. She cried. The whole time.
 Poor lady. Though the day was very much for Marcus, Julia did such a good job going with the flow (for the most part, there were a few really rough moments leading up to nap times). I've got my fingers and toes crossed that if we take her enough times she'll come to love the place, too.

The Hotel
This interactive screen was located right in the lobby. Guests could "color" Disney characters using the touch screen. The thing completely transfixed Marcus each time we passed it.

Our Room
For the most part our room was pretty standard. Except for one key feature.
I am not kidding when I say Marcus was so excited about the bunk beds he was literally shaking with excitement when he saw them. I wish I could have captured that moment on camera.

In other sleep related news, Julia hated the pack and play, and made for some interesting evenings and less than stellar overnights.

The Water park
The water park pretty much spoke for itself.
Marcus went down slides, shot water guns, and splashed like the fish he is.
Generally speaking, when we weren't at Disney we could be found here.
We had full intentions of spending our last morning at the pool, but Marcus came down with a nasty bug that sent us packing much, much earlier than we anticipated (we were home by 8:15am).

Though we had a few hiccups during our staycation adventure there isn't a thing I would have changed about it. It was clear Marcus loved so much time focused and dedicated to him, Julia didn't hate being let loose like a banshee throughout the theme parks, and I loved stepping back and watching it all unfold before me. 

Disney really is all sorts of magical. 


  1. That looks absolutely amazing! I can tell how much fun the kids had. I want to go with you next time. Love all of the photos.

  2. Disney is magical! I love how happy Marcus looks, you can tell how much he enjoyed himself. She'll grown to love it, I mean how could she not? She doesn't understand it just yet but she'll be like Marcus before you know it. Have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE! Love that you were able to staycation AND do Disney. Do you have any idea how crazy jealous that makes most people :P.

  4. Disney is magical! Crazy that your husband hasn't been yet!

  5. I miss Disney so much! I want to go to Disneyland asap. Love the pictures.

  6. How fun! I adore that picture of you four in front of the castle! All of those pretty pastels…swoon! Looks like an awesome trip!

  7. How fun! I adore that picture of you four in front of the castle! All of those pretty pastels…swoon! Looks like an awesome trip!

  8. Seriously how fun! Anything Disney is fun anyway! I love love love all the pictures. And so funny that Marcus was so excited about the bunk beds =)

  9. That, is a STAYCATION! And I vehemently agree you get a do over, he didn't even want a dole whip?!

  10. How fun!!! Glad you were able to enjoy a Disney Stay-cation. I wish we lived close enough to visit so frequently.

  11. I'm disappointed Scott isn't wearing Disney garb!!! And I totally have big puffy heart eyes over Julia's Mouse Ears headband!!!

  12. Oh, and Julia looks like she's 3 in the picture where she's standing holding onto Dumbo's long nose (I think that's what it is). :)

  13. YAY!!!!! SO happy you guys got to go on this staycation. I still can't believe Scott had never been to Disneyland and seriously, how did he not eat any treats? You MUST take him back! I literally can't escape the place without eating ALL the treats!
    I love all your Disney shirts and I love Julia's Mickey leggings!!
    Poor Marcus!!! I didn't realize he got sick after your stay also! You know, didn't het get sick after you went to the last water park too? You think maybe he is drinking too much water and it makes his stomach upset?
    Regardless, so happy that you had the best time up until the very end!

  14. Scott needs a Mickey shirt!! :) I love Julia's little Minnie shoes. Pack and plays, though, seriously. I bought a little thicker mattress for ours this past summer and it helped a ton when we went to KC!

  15. Disneyland!!! Im sorry Marcus ended with a bug but these pictures are too awesome! I know I sound like a broken record now but we're planning on going in February for Kinsey's birthday!

  16. What a fun staycation! I really want to go to Disneyland one day.

  17. I know you miss the midwest, but oh my gosh, how cool is it that you can go to Disneyland whenever you want?!?! And Marcus shaking over the bunk beds...bless his heart, I love it!! Such a great little staycation :)

  18. What a fun staycation!!! A staycation here would consist of Great Wolf Lodge...at the Legends...in KCK! I love that you have the opportunity to take a staycation to Disneyland!!!!!

  19. Gah, how did I miss this post?! I love that you took a staycation to Disneyland!! That's crazy that Scott had never gone with you all. Get that man a churro! Or a corn dog! I hear the Disneyland corn dogs are legendary :) Taking a baby to a theme park is definitely different - hopefully Julia will love it soon enough though. Which hotel did you stay at? I couldn't tell from the pictures. Also, WHERE did you get Julia's minnie headband?? I totally need to get one for Charlotte!

  20. What a fun way to spend a staycation! It's great when Dads get to go along with family fun that they usually aren't around for.


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