Noah's Bandaid Project

Amidst the hustle and bustle of every day life you may have missed the fact that September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. I wasn't aware of this until Brittany reached out and told the story of Noah and his band aid project...

Noah was a little boy from the Kansas City area who, at the tender age of six fought and lost his battle with cancer in June of 2015. 

However, during Noah's time battling leukemia and undergoing many treatments that required the prick of a needle, he discovered how uncool the traditional band aids were. And, Noah recognized there were kids on his hospital floor who were going through the same things as him, and not a single cool band aid was distributed to them either. 
That's when Noah began his band aid project. Noah began a drive to collect kid-approved band aids to bring to the hospital. What started as a small project turned into something much larger.
I wish I had the words to do justice to the compassion Noah had. Instead, I ask that you please take a few quick minutes to watch this courageous little boy, and listen to his story. Fair warning that you will likely need a tissue or two. 
In Brittany's email, she asked bloggers if they would be willing to donate to the band aid project. After hearing Noah's story, and watching the video there was no hesitation on our end. We loaded up a box with band aids and sent it out. This little boy, whom we've never met, has touched us in such a profound way. 
If you'd like to help with Noah's Band aid project there are a couple of ways to do so:
1. Send band aids.
If you'd like to collect cool band aids please send them to:
Noah's Band aid Project
119 North Parker Street Suite 110
Olathe, KS 66066

Please note, band aids cannot be sent directly to hospitals, as they are considered hospital supplies. Funneling the band aids through Noah's Band aid Project is the way to go.
2. Monetary donations are welcome.
The Wilson family is working to increase the lack of funding nationwide for pediatric research. Currently, only four percent of cancer funding is for pediatric research. Thus far, the Wilson's have raised $100,000, and that number continues to grow. If you would like to donate, please visit:
Listening to Noah's story certainly put life into perspective. And, I've been sure to hug my babies a little longer and a little tighter each night. 


  1. Thank you for sending an email to me about this. This is one of my biggest fears and something I can totally get behind. No parent or family should have to go through this and helping, even in a small way, is so worth it. Especially because it can be used as a teaching tool at the same time. We have a great time picking out bandaids to send.

  2. Love this project. So glad you all posted this reminder.

  3. Such a great cause and thanks for making everyone aware of it today.

  4. I love that so many of you have shared Noah's story today. We are running errands tomorrow and I'm going to add band-aids to my list.

  5. Love those Lion King bandaids! This is such a heartbreaking story, but I love that we can all do something as simple as sending some bandaids to help the legacy of Noah live on!

  6. He really has touched all of us in so many ways! Noah was an incredible little boy, that's for sure!

  7. You guys picked out some amazing bandaids! I know you are going to make some kids VERY happy with those selections!
    Like you already know, I totally bawled my eyes out while watching that video. That little boy was SO brave and so inspirational. I'm so glad Brittany introduced us to him and that we could help out his amazing project!

  8. Noah’s story really tears me up! Especially with Mason being the age that he was. Childhood cancer is just not fair. But this project he started? Amazing! So glad you guys were able to participate.


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