Marcus || 4.5 Years


It's kind of incredible to think you're just six months shy of turning five. 

You, little boy have the sweetest soul. When people you care about are upset or hurt you are the first to try and remedy the situation. The compassion you have at such a young age is astounding. Please, never lose that. The world needs more of that. 

There are no adequate words to express just how great you are as a big brother. If I ask you to help with Julia - be it to cheer her up, or play with her, or help her out - you typically jump at the opportunity. You are so good with her, and I am so thankful for that.
I'm probably quite biased, but I genuinely think you are a pretty athletic little kid. It makes me so proud when you dive in and swim off into the pool, or when you pick up a bat and smash a ball over your dad's head, or when you legit dribble a soccer ball. And, you can throw a football with a better spiral than I could ever dream of. We've started soccer, and I love this little glimpse of what organized sports has in store for you.

You ask every day if it's a preschool day. You love going, and I think next year you'll transition quite nicely into full day Kindergarten. Your friends mean the world to you, and you love spending your days with them.

On the flip side, we do have our days, mister. You can be oh so stubborn, and have been known to throw some pretty epic fits. You aren't a stranger to time-outs, but thankfully we don't have too many of those. You're learning about boundaries, and how far you can push them.
You are all boy. Burp and fart noises are hilarious to you. I don't get it, but you sure do think it's some funny stuff.

Your sense of humor is priceless, and you love getting others to laugh and smile. Your giggle is contagious, and that alone can send me into a giggle fit myself.

As of late you've really been into coloring and drawing, cutting and pasting, and writing the names of your family members, pets included. You make all these little creations and then tape them to the walls. At any given point we will have countless items hanging from all locations of the house.

Outdoors is your preferred place to be, and many mornings I have to keep you inside longer than you'd like, as I'm fearful our shenanigans would wake the neighbors at 6:30.

While your sister naps, during our quiet hour in the afternoons, you'll often try to climb into my lap and snuggle in we read a story or watch a show. I love that you do that. It will be such a sad, sad day when you no longer fit.

One of my favorite parts of the day is one of which you likely are totally unaware. Long after we've tucked you in to bed, read our stories, and said our prayers I will sneak into your room kiss your cheek and whisper that I love you. Sometimes you'll sweetly nod your head, and it melts me every time.

Buddy, you are just so awesome. Thank you for lighting up our days by simply being you.
I'm pretty excited to see what year five has in store for us.



  1. Marcus & Cash are so similar. I have his 4.5 post to go up on Friday. :) Cash loves taping his creations. He even helped "decorate" for Wyatt's birthday. I didn't have the heart to take them down. haha!

  2. No way is he halfway to 5. Just stop it! That doesn't seem possible. What a sweet boy you've got there. I love lap snuggles with my biggest. Happy half birthday Marcus!

  3. He sounds like such an awesome kid! :)

  4. So sweet. The burps and fart noises part made me laugh. Sometimes the girls find those things silly too and get the giggles. Goodness, they have to SLOW DOWN!

  5. So sweet! We're all about the boy noises at our house. I recently found some books about farts and such and the boys think they're hilarious!

  6. He is such a sweet soul -- I see it in photos and now in your writing. How is he old enough to be oh so close to kindergarten?

  7. Such a handsome, sweet and happy kid! I'm so impressed with his athletic skills (he LOOKS like an athlete) and that's he's such a good big brother. I know a kid that could use a few lessons in that department. ;)

  8. Marcus sounds like a cool kid! I love so much about this - little bits remind me of my boys. :) Happy half birthday, Buddy!

  9. Kindergarten?!?! NOOOOO. I can't even think about that. FIVE sounds so old and I am SO not ready. When we had that meeting for Mason at the elementary school a couple weeks ago to see if he could go to the preschool there, I wanted to bust into tears. That is a REAL SCHOOL. I'm not ready. I want him to be little forever!

  10. Marcus is such a sweet boy! You are doing so good with him, mama! And I can tell he's athletic just by his pictures. I mean, he was doing the monkey bars at at three, right? So impressive!

  11. Lap snuggles AND stolen nighttime kisses?! I'll just sit here quietly and sob. What a wonderful little/big guy you are sweet boy, HAPPY (half) BIRTHDAY!

  12. Oh I love this little glimpse of Marcus. He totally look athletic! I'm sure there are great things ahead for him!


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