Current Photo Obsession + $50 Chatbooks Giveaway

A few nights ago I took a very rare trip down memory lane browsing the countless photos I've taken of Marcus and Julia. It all begin with scrolling the pictures on my Instagram account and I eventually worked my way over to my camera roll. There are thousands upon thousands of photos that have been taken, a few have been shared on social media accounts, and most haven't seen the light of day since I snapped them.
It was painfully sad to think that all these photos of my babes have just been sitting in folders on my phone and computer desktop, and buried in the Instagram archives.
The purpose of me taking all these photos is to document our lives, and for my kids to have something they can look back on. But, if every photo is buried somewhere, how are they ever going to see them? Sure, they could sift through the 54,000+ photos on my computer, but what are the odds? And, what if Instagram, and all those clever hashtags that have been created don't exists when the kids are older? 
My photos needed to be in something tangible. Something my kids can touch, flip through pages, and really feel
This is where Chatbooks comes in: the easiest little app where I can take all the photos I've 'favorited' in my camera roll, or all my hashtagged Instagram collections, and neatly put them into books that are organized exactly how I want them. 
With my phone I can create a book in minutes. I select the hashtag filters, choose from favorited photos in my camera roll, decide whether or not I'd like captions and dates included in my books, add a title, and bam, a book is ready to roll out.
Captions added.
Date included.
Title made.
Bonus points for the books costing a mere $8 per book. I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought something of true value and quality for under $10.
Currently there is a sweet little stack of 6"x6" books on our bookshelf, and it will continue to grow until I can no longer work my fingers on the camera.
My worries about where these photos will end up have dissipated. All those memories? Now we can literally hold on to what matters most.
Because Chatbooks is my current photo obsession and favorite thing ever, I've teamed up with them to give away a $50 Chatbooks credit. Simply head over to my Instagram account (click here to take you directly to the giveaway) to get entered to win! 


  1. So awesome! I still love photo albums! I'm terrified that I'll loose all my digital photos so albums are the next best thing!!

  2. That's really fun and even looks great on your shelf!

  3. I have been wanting to try Chatbooks for the longest, but just haven't taken the plunge. I've only had the app on my phone for close to a year now. I take so many photos and never do anything with them other than posting them on the blog. This is the perfect way to have them printed. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to get my first book!!

  4. I've bee wanting to try Chat Books for awhile! I love that you can organize by hashtag, such a great idea!

  5. Oh I love these! I totally need to get my pics off my phone!

  6. I am so happy you shared this. I made one book last year when I was given a free code. I attempted to make more just last month but the website wouldn't pull up my photos. I'm going to try the app and make my #cjyear2 and #cjyear3 books. I have a ton to make up but if I can get it working, I may even put together a #thefrankandI book, too. If all this work, then I'll be able to put one together for the holidays -- Halloween, C's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  7. I NEED to get my act together and actually make one of these! Or rather... 100 of these! You are so right. I started scrapbooking a while ago but after Mason was born, it pretty much came to a halt. I have SO many pictures of him that I'd love to have in albums but I just don't know what to do with them or how to print them. Insert Chatbooks. I hope they're ready for my crazy big order!

  8. Love chat books! I've only done one - I need to get motivation to do more!!

  9. I have thought about making one of these (or multiples) many, many times but have never followed through! Maybe a good giveaway (or rather winning the giveaway) will force me! I love all of your books!

  10. You are sooooo right. I was looking through my Instagram pictures and need to do these more often! Thanks for the motivation! Love all the pics of your sweet kiddos!

  11. These are absolutely fantastic! I really need to check these out. Ive done IG prints, but books are way better.

  12. I think I am the last person on earth who has yet to order a chat books. So now is probably my time!


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