Julia || 13 Months

In keeping with things as similar with each child as possible, I'm going to make an attempt with Julia to continue with the monthly photos for the next year. Seeing the transformation at the end of the year always leaves me in awe, and it isn't fully noticed until photos are put side-by-side.

Like with Marcus, I'll forego the detailed updates, rather give just a snap shot and a few tidbits about the month.

Month 13
eating most foods
climbing on the furniture
Mommy's glasses and sunnies
being outside
going on bike rides with Dad
the pool
bath time
touch and feel books

being told no
when the stairs are gated off
having to share with Marcus
the garbage truck

cruising along furniture like crazy
babbles all the live long day, says Mama, Dada, Izzy (our cat)
still not standing or walking unassisted
makes every attempt to use spoons while eating
will drink from a straw


  1. Sweet Julia! Her smile is like sunshine. I just love her and can't believe another month has gone by. Didn't you just have her flamingo birthday party?

  2. Sweet girl! Wyatt isn't a fan of the word "no" or the stairs being gated off either.

  3. I still cry when someone tells me no... just kidding.... kind of :P.

  4. Hahaha, when I was reading this and finished the likes I seriously thought, she missed the stairs, lol ... and then I got to the dislikes, hahaha.

  5. I love that she dislikes the garbage truck yet that's the highlight of Marcus's week.

  6. Oh goodness, she's getting so big!! I haven't seen her in forever, we must change that asap!
    Also, I love that Marcus is #1 on her love list, though I can't say I'm surprised based on the HUGE smiles she gives whenever she is around him!

  7. I love that she likes Marcus! I know she must adore him something fierce. She’s such a precious doll! I don't like being told no either Julia!

  8. Hahah a kid that doesn't like being told no? No way! Hahah! She is getting so big! Calvin finally took on walking a month ago.

  9. So cute that she loves Marcus! She sounds adorable.

  10. She is just the cutest thing! Love her outfit! Where do you get her headbands? I know you had one (or some) from Miss Gigglebuns and I ordered some from there, but I love all of the cute little headbands Julia wears! I need to stock up for baby #2!

  11. How can she possibly dislike the garbage truck?! It's cause for big excitement in our house. And girlfriend will be walking soon enough. She's on her own schedule!

  12. I stopped at a year with Mabel but I'm thinking she's due for a monthly update like this! I got sucked into reading Abigail's month updates the other day(though I started hers at 17 months so Mabel is way ahead of her there :p ) and it was awesome, so I should really do it for myself and the memories :)

    Mabel isn't walking around yet either. They can be speedy crawlers and stair climbers together :p

  13. Gasp!!! She doesn't like the garbage truck?!? How is that possible when Marcus loves them? :) Sounds like Julia and Tenley would have a good time gabbing - they both like babbling!

  14. The garbage truck cracks me up!!! :) She's precious!

  15. You are a woman after my own heart and I know we've talked about that before but I so appreciate your to the point posts ;) Please continue the monthly pictures I cant get enough of sweet Julia!

  16. She sounds a lot like Reese with her likes and dislikes! Minus the garbage truck- we're never home when it comes around. Her smile is so cute!

  17. Adorable! Tate is now trying to grab the spoon and use it himself- I'm so not ready for that mess!


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