Welcome Home "Juice"

Sunday, while the United States and world were celebrating the termination of the world's most wanted man, I found myself filled with mixed emotions.

Bin Laden may be gone, but that doesn't erase all that he's taken from so many people. So many freedoms we've lost, and so many who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we still enjoy.

A week before Bin Laden's final moment, a soldier was in Afghanistan, responding to a downed US helicopter. When the solider arrived, he and his fellow soldier were ambushed by enemy fire.

One of those US soldiers made his way back home to Western Iowa yesterday. A final homecoming, and a final farewell.
Welcome home.
(Photo courtesy of ketv.com)

To Staff Sergent James Justice, aka "Juice", thank you for your sacrifice, for keeping us safe while you fought for everything America stands for.
 You will be deeply missed.

And, that whole Bin Laden thing... Something tells me you had a part to play in all that :)
See you when the Big Man upstairs calls.

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