Griffith and Getty

As the weather warms up friends and family are beginning to think travel and vacation. Lucky for us, L.A. has been a choice destination for many! This past week/weekend Scott's parents drove - yes, drove! - from Kansas to L.A. to see some of the sights.

The Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory sits high up in the Hollywood Hills.
The observatory has a spectacular view of L.A. Unfortunately, we weren't able to check out the huge telescopes, as they are only available for viewing when it's dark. Clearly, it wasn't dark when we visited.
Inside, there are several exhibits on all things space. According to Trip Advisor, Griffith is the number two thing to do on the Top 10 Things to Do in L.A. (A HUGE perk - parking AND admission are FREE - practically unheard of in L.A.!)

Aw :)
Griffith also has a GREAT view of the Hollywood sign. Possibly one of the best in the city.

J. Paul Getty Museum
The Getty was awesome. I'm not a huge art buff, but this place made it impossible not to appreciate all things artsy. From every exhibit, in all FOUR buildings, to the Central Garden, this place was spectacular.

There were pieces of water art throughout the place. Loved it!

The center of the Central Garden.

Central Garden.

The Getty is rated as the number one thing to do in L.A., according to Trip Advisor.
Upon entering the facility it felt as if we'd completely left the city. Scott and I will most definitely be back! (Parking was not free,  but admission was!)

Just a couple more reasons to visit L.A.!!! :)

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