Our Kids

Let's not jump to gun too fast... :) We're not "mommy and daddy" yet, per se. But, in a way we kind of are.

With an attitude-filled Blue Point Himalayan, and a Chocolate Lab that resembles more of a horse than a dog, some days it does feel like we're doing parental duty.

Yesterday I was able to snap a few photos of our kids. Being the proud parent I am, I had to share their cute faces.

Drake and I took advantage of the exceptionally great weather and played with the Frisbee.

Awwww, waiting so patiently for me to throw the Frisbee.

Seala, also affectionately known as Pan-Face, doing what she does best.

Say the T-R-E-A-T word and they both come running.
With faces like those, it's easy to call them "kids."

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