The Grand Canyon

Scott and I decided for Memorial Weekend we'd get out of the city for a few days and head to the Grand Canyon.

Friday night, after work, we loaded up the car with all our luggage, and Drake, and hit the road. Note to self: NEVER attempt to exit Los Angeles at 6:00PM on the Friday of a holiday weekend. Our trip was supposed to take about six and-a-half hours. It took us eight. Ugh.
Drake chillin' in the backseat on the way to Arizona.

At 2:00AM Saturday we made it to our hotel. I don't know who was more exhausted from the trip - Drake or Scott and me.

Saturday we slept in a bit, which after finally getting to bed around 2:30 was very much needed. We decided we wanted to check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Scott checked to see where it was in relation to our hotel, we were at the South Rim of the Canyon... The Skywalk was on the West Rim of the Canyon. THREE hours ONE WAY. I booked the hotel, not realizing how far it was from the main thing we wanted to do. But, we packed ourselves up with Drake and headed to the Skywalk. Though it was another long day of travel, it was very much worth it!

Part of they Skywalk tour includes a bus shuttle to three view points. Talk about breath-taking!

We spent some time on the Skywalk. The last photo in this series is Eagle Point. See the eagle formation in the rock? 

Day Two we headed to the South Rim with Drake. We figured a day of some hiking would be good for all of us. We didn't venture off the main Rim Trail, but we caught some amazing views and enjoyed the wonder of the Canyon.
I think Drake had a great time, too!
The pictures don't even begin to do this place any justice.

We were hoping to catch a helicopter tour of the canyon, but due to our not-so-good luck the weather prohibited us from doing so; there were wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, not a good idea to fly around apparently. Perhaps will get our helicopter tour on our next visit.

On our way out of the National Park we saw Smokey the Bear and had to get our photos taken with him. :)
As Smokey says, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"

On our way back to LA I think everyone was ready to get home. Including Drake. :)
I think he was trying to help Scott navigate.

Even though we did a TON of driving it was a great little get-away for us!

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