The Time We Did ALL the Fall Things Edition

This month has been busy, and hectic, and crazy, and fun, all rolled into one. Scott's had some work obligations that required him to travel for a couple weeks (we all survived unscathed, hallelujah), and Mother Nature has insisted on more than one occasion that summer weather is appropriate for October. With all that it's been a challenge to squeeze in all the Fall fun this month. So. We decided we'd cram everything into two days.

Let's begin with Saturday...

First There Was Soccer.
Soccer Saturdays have been going quite well. Marcus thoroughly enjoys soccer each week. Seeing him get so excited when he scores a goal is priceless. Keep in mind. There are no goalies during their games. 
It's been fun watching him grow into this sport during the short amount of time he's been playing. 
As long as he's enjoying it he'll keep playing it.

Then There Was a Halloween Party.
Photos courtesy of my friend, Julie.
We have some pretty amazing friends who really get into the Halloween Spirit. For the last four years we've attended their annual Halloween Party. Each year we go the best of times is had by all. This year was replete with trick-or-treating and a bounce house. Basically every kid's dream.
As with each Halloween, I try to coordinate our costumes. This year is no different. However, this is the first year Marcus has decided on his own what his costume will be. Gone are the days when I choose. We have a football player, a cheerleader, a coach, and a referee; all seem pretty fitting for our actual respective roles in life.

Followed Up With a Pumpkin Patch Trip.
Promptly after the Halloween party we changed from our costumes to pumpkin patch appropriate attire and headed to our favorite farm to pick our pumpkins.
We were not the only ones with the same idea. The places was positively swarming with people. I asked Marcus if he wanted to go a round on the hay ride, check out the animals in the petting zoo, and/or give the corn maze a go. Nope to it all. He was there for pumpkins and that. was. it. The boy was all business an on a mission.
 It took a bit to convince Marcus there was an entire farm of pumpkins to inspect and find the perfect ones. Marcus wanted every pumpkin he saw. But, he informed me that any pumpkin that was not orange was rotten. Just like that my dreams of a pretty display of white and pink pumpkins on our front stoop were dashed.
After a whopping 30 minutes we'd picked out our pumpkins, paid for them, and escaped the sea of people at the patch.

Then There Was Sunday...
And the Wheels Started to Fall Off the Fall Fun Weekend.

After two years attending RISE of the Jack o' Lantern I didn't want to miss this year. This particular weekend was our only shot to see the intricately carved pumpkins.
Right after church we headed to the event.
After less than 40 minutes, and seeing less than one third of the exhibit, it was apparent the kids were 100% over it. But, what we did see was still pretty incredible.
After a chat with Scott it was clear I'd simply scheduled too much into such a short amount of time.
I have hopes that next year we'll have a few more weekends to spread things out so as to not exhaust ourselves doing all the fun things in less than 48 hours.

This weekend we are laying low, and rightfully so.
There's soccer, an open house for Kindergarten (KINDERGARTEN! *sob*), and a dinner date with our neighbors complete with homemade enchiladas and a tequila I'm told is only found in one specific place in Mexico. I foresee full bellies and rounds of delicious margs headed this way.
Sounds like my kind of weekend!



  1. Holy fall fun! That's the best weekend full of celebration ever!! I love the Halloween costumes. :) And Rise looks absolutely amazing!

  2. You sure keep busy!!! Loving all these fall activities, so much fun!

  3. Marcus is developing into quite the little personality! Choosing his own costume and pumpkins, telling you what to do? LOL. Love it.

  4. Dang girl. Just reading this made me exhausted lol. I'm a total homebody and can manage like..one commitment. So I would have been done after soccer ha!

    Looks like a really fun weekend though. Love the Kansas City Chiefs themed costumes!

  5. Great costumes! Those pumpkins are amazing! Even with the babes getting tuckered out you packed a lot into the weekend!

  6. Oh all the fun! I wish we had a friends Halloween party... Maybe I need to start it!

  7. All the things!!! Love that Rise viewing. So cool. The hurricane pushed things back around here so now I'm tying to figure out which of the 203423 billion fall fests and things we should do the next two weekends. Such problems lol.

  8. Wow!!! You guys really did try to pack all the fun into one weekend! So far, last weekend was the perfect fall weekend as in it wasn't 110 degrees. Looks like you were able to have some fun even though the kids were over it on Sunday after 40 min. We're going to see RISE next weekend and from your pictures, it looks pretty amazing!

  9. That is so much fun friend. All the fall fun one can stand for sure.

  10. I love your team! You and Scott are such fun parents when it comes to dressing up. James always wants to but I'm less than interested but this year I'm joining the fun because I don't want Connor to think I'm the uncool parent :)

  11. So much fall fun; I love it! Liam is playing AYSO soccer too and it has been so exciting for the whole family. It feels like such a big step into the whole sports world.

  12. Wow, you did a lot! So many fun fall activities :) I love that you all dressed up for the party; I can't come up with family costumes this year, so it'll just be the kids. I love that Rise display- so cool!

  13. I LOVE fall! Sounds like an amazing weekend. I adore that last picture of the kiddos at the patch. Julia’s dress is precious.

  14. If ever there was an award for most fun in 48 hours, you'd win. Go D!


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