M & J Monday

We woke up in the usual way,
but it was not a usual day.
Out on the lawn,
plain as could be,
stood an orange wishing tree.
"I wish!" said I.
"I wish!" said you.
And so, our double wishes grew.
I kept my wish a secret one,
but you were not so shy.
You clapped your hands,
jumped off the bed, and said,
In just a whistle's worth of time
and not a second more,
our feet were not attached to ground
the way they'd been before.
Up we went, just you and me,
high above the wishing tree.
We flew in silence,
like the birds.
It was too beautiful for words.
But your wishing wasn't done.
Why should you just stop with one?

In the valley, far below,
down where all the wishes grow,
your wishes grew, both big and small,
till I could hardly count them all.
In fact, I barely got to ten
because you wished for breakfast then.
"I wish," you said,
and just like that,
the friends you wished for
came and sat.
"I wish! I wish! I wish!"
you shouted.
Wishes bowed...
and played...
and sprouted.
Every wish was wishable...
even you, invisible.
But as the day began to end,
your wishes became quieter then.
I saw your silly sleepy head
was wishing it was back in bed.
And so, I did what parents do.
I picked you up and carried you.
As you drifted off to sleep, you whispered,
"Did your wish come true?"
I whispered back, "My little one,
my wish was just to be with you."
You and Me and the Wishing Tree
~Nancy Tillman


  1. Holy cow! That wall is amazing!!!! I actually had to look for the kids in the first photot. I love it.

  2. Ahhh I love it so much that you made it into M&J Monday! Beautiful pictures. Love that wall!

  3. Wow. That mural is FANTASTIC. It almost comes to life!

  4. Every week I have a new favorite of these M&J Mondays, but Desiree I think this one hits it out of the park. I definitely agree with Beth above that the mural looks as if it does come to life. So beautiful!

  5. What a fun backdrop! Always love these posts!

  6. This wall is AMAZING!!!! Love love love!!

  7. Oh WOW! Your posts just keep getting better and better. Marcus and Julia are adorable and I love this wall. Amazing!

  8. That wall is amazing! I love it! And I love when you get in the photos too :) It's a good reminder for me!

  9. oh goodness, what a fun backdrop and that poem, love, love, love it!

  10. Love the colorful wall of butterflies!!!!

  11. What a colorful wall! I almost lost track of Marcus and Julia!

  12. I could NOT love this more! That wall is pure perfection, especially after the way you explain it on the gram tonight. I LOVE LOVE this.

  13. This is just all too beautiful. Happy tears over here.

  14. Wow!!! This wall couldn't be more perfect!!

  15. The walls you have been finding lately are amazing! Erin must be green with envy!

  16. You've been killing it with the wall photos. You got lucky with this one considering your love of butterflies.


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