Julia || 14 Months

Fourteen months, here we are! This last month was a big one. Actual, legit steps were taken. The little lady is well on her way to being a walker. Crawling is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I wasn't sure we'd ever see the day, but alas! Walking is here!
** Real steps! The most taken at any given time has been 10-12.
** Blowing kisses. Oh my gosh, it's so freaking adorable. The "mmmmuah!" she makes when she does it kills me.
** More words ::"hi", "uh-oh", "up", "ball", "eye", "nigh, nigh" (night night), "more", "ah done" (all done); most words are vowel heavy, but if you pay close attention you get the idea of what she's trying to say.
** Dancing (something Marcus never did)! There's bouncing, hand waved in the air, and wiggling from side to side. Any music can get her going.
** Playing peek-a-boo.
** On occasion a spoon is used correctly.
** Identifying eye, nose, mouth and belly button.
Marcus. All day, every day.
The stairs.
Poking her finger in other people's eye, and saying, "eye."
Pointing out airplanes and helicopters in the sky.
Going for a ride in the B.O.B. while I run.
Drinking from a cup.
Nursing (holy cow, we're still successfully doing this!).
Food: currently on a Goldfish and Graham cracker kick. 
The Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy. We don't go anywhere without this thing (Marcus loved it when he was this age, too).
Opening the kitchen cupboards and pulling everything possible out onto the floor. 
Getting lotioned up and jammies on after bath time.
The garbage truck. Girl friend is seriously terrified.
Being blocked from going up/down the stairs.
Diaper changes. It's like wrestling a snake into a knapsack.
Sitting still.
With each passing month Julia's personality shines a little brighter. She is such a sweet little thing, unless something doesn't go her way. I can already sense our littlest is going to be strong-willed and strongly opinionated. 
Cheers to another month!
This brief photo session brought to you by a graham 
cracker (notice it's in her hand) and lots of running 
around trying to get Julia to say to one spot.
I forgot how hard this age is to photograph!


  1. Just stop it!! Julia is looking so big and I'm not okay with it. Where is the tiny little baby from when I first started following you? :)

  2. Julia's eyes just sparkle. Such a beautiful girl! Okay the stairs & the diaper changes, please I can't handle them. haha! Wyatt can bust a move, too. When Cash was a baby, I started watching Parenthood on Netflix & every time Forever Young came on, he would shake his little tush. I started rewatching it again & Wyatt does the same thing!

  3. She's precious, friend!!!!! And walking! Aaaah!

  4. She just keeps getting prettier friend. How is that even possible?! That little hair bow is the cutest.

  5. So sweet. Good for you for still nursing!

  6. Ok, seriously, she is looking FAR too old for my liking! How can she already be 14 months?!
    YAY for walking!!!!
    Blowing kisses? Oh my word. Scott, get ready, you're going to be in trouble when she's a teenager!!!

  7. Oh diaper changes are a horror around here, too! Yay for walking. Dancing babies are just the best! Wesley was our first real dancer and it's so fun!

  8. I still think that every single time we nurse- like, holy cow! We're still doing this!

    I laughed thinking about all of you getting your eyes poked out. That's too cute.

  9. Oh what a doll. She seems to have the sweetest demeanor. These pictures are beautiful, friend.

  10. Her expressions are so precious! And I love the little glimpses of Marcus that you see in her. And blowing kisses!!!! Adorable!

  11. So darn cute! :) Yay for walking, it's a fun and scary thing for us Moms :) Everything seems to be a tripping hazard, hehe.

  12. I love how light her hair is. I thought for sure it was going to be a more reddish color but it's holding steady with this blonde, just like Cheeks :)

  13. "Wrestling a snake into a knapsack" = dead. Can't stop laughing. She looks so tall!

  14. What IS with kids sticking their finger into the eye as they say it?! Brirlana does the same thing. I like that she dislikes carrots, not a fan (unless theyre cooked.) Julia is such a doll!

  15. She is getting so big! More toddler and less baby every time I see a picture. She is so stinking cute!

  16. She is getting so big!! And yay for taking steps! Seeing them toddle around at this age is so fun. Charlotte dances now too, and it's so cute! She even picks up her feet :D I love seeing their personalities come out more; I think we're going to have a very opinionated little girl over here too!


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