The Extracurricular Edition

This week was a hodge podge of randomness that lent all sorts of fun to us. I suppose the summer-like temps played a part in that as well. And, to round out the week, this weekend I have a little blog date lined up with Liz and Erin, their kiddos, and husbands. It's sure to be a grand old time, and you'll likely see all sorts of goodness on Snapchat between the three of us (desireemacke if you want to follow along).

On to the weeks highlights, shall we?

1. Cameraman! 
Mad props to the Olympus - that thing is STURDY, and has held up quite nicely to the less than gentle ways of this four-year old. 
Marcus got hold of our old Olympus camera and has been a picture taking machine. I'm not in the least bit exaggerating when I say he's taken no less than 1,400 photos in the last five days. When I have the energy and patience I'll download them all - clear most, and hang on to a few of the things (every. single. thing.) that have inspired him.
Here's just one of the hundreds he's taken:
Not terrible, right?!

2. Bunco!
I was lucky to be invited to join a group of ladies to play Bunco this past weekend. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about it all - I'd never played the game before, and I only knew two ladies going into the evening. But! It was an absolute blast, I met some really great gals, the game was easy to learn, and I thoroughly enjoyed just being DesirĂ©e (and not Mom) for three hours. 

3. Pool time!
The weather has been warm borderline too hot this week. We've made sure to take advantage of our pool on more than one occasion. I have a feeling I have two water babies on my hands, and I'm not at all mad about it. Now to see which will become my butterflier... Is it too soon to get Julia started??

4. The Shopper!
I finally found these little carts at our grocery store! Marcus was probably the best he's been in the store (not that he's ever really difficult when we go shopping). He was beyond tickled to have his very own cart. The little man controlled the cart like a champ, collected all our necessary items, and placed them on the conveyor belt at the check out line. Next time I'm going to see if he can pick up the bill while he's at it.

5. Back in the Saddle!
I took an unexpected break from running for the past week. Last Tuesday I fell down our stairs, all while holding Julia. It was the scariest moment of my life, and mommy instinct and mommy strength subconsciously took over and Julia didn't have a bump or scratch on her - how that is even possible is totally beyond me. I've been sending up all sorts of praise and thanks for keeping Julia safe. My back, however, took the brunt of the fall. After a week of rest (and a lot of Tylenol) we're back to pounding pavement! I'm thrilled to be running and Julia doesn't seem to hate it. Right around mile two she passes out and stays that way for a solid 30-45 minutes after wards in the stroller. Win win!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Stitch Fix giveaway.
The lucky winner was Christine W. I hope her next fix is a 5/5!

And that's a wrap.
Have the best weekend!


  1. I love that Marcus has been using the camera! When Emma was his age I gave her a small camera to bring with us to Florida and the pictures she took were hilarious! I'll never delete any of them because everything was taken at her perspective and it was great =)
    I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!

  2. Henry LOVES taking pics, too! Marcus got some great ones! Great job getting back to running. You amaze me! I used to play BUNCO and I totally could go for doing that again.

  3. I used to enjoy bunko! Haven't played in awhile!

  4. I am so so jealous you guys are having pool time already. And wait, you have a pool?! That's amazing. So fun that you've found a bunco group, I'd love to have a ladies night out every so often!

  5. I want look weather! Lol! Can't wait to see more of what Marcus captured! ENJOY your blogger family date!

  6. I'm super jealous of your access to a pool and super jealous you have a good swimmer. My poor boys, they just aren't and it's b/c we don't go to the pool often enough. Bums me out. This summer will be no exception - no way to take Tate and Tenley all by myself. Talk about being frazzled! :)Have a great weekend!

  7. Marcus and that camera!!! SO CUTE. He totally takes after his mama and he is pretty dang good if you ask me! He looks so cute with that camera. I can't wait to see what other pictures he took!
    SO glad you had fun at Bunco!!!
    So exciting you found a little cart at your store! Did Marcus have the best time? Mason LOVES it but he's terrible at steering and I am constantly re-correcting him so he doesn't run into anything or anyone lol. But it's just so dang cute to say no!
    YAY for our play date this weekend!!! SO excited!

  8. Oh my goodness friend! That is SO, so scary. Praise God for keeping you both safe.

    Marcus is a total natural. He took some pretty amazing photos and the picture of him taking a picture, PERFECTION!

  9. Marcus is pretty good with the camera - a natural talent! A lot of my friends play bunco and they seem to love it. I need to learn so I can join the fun. Happy weekend!

  10. So sorry about your fall, that is so scary but thankful everyone is safe (and you only needed tylenol for pain!) The picture Marcus took of you and Julia is great! Also Im not on Snapchat so I hope to see some IG pictures of your blogger hangout too ;)

  11. What a great idea...I'm totally digging out my old digital camera for Arden. She'll love it! And confession: I had a bunco themed 12th birthday party (nerd alert!!). Lastly--SO glad you and Julia are both okay. Stairs and kids terrify me!!!

  12. I gave Hannah my old digital camera, and she loves taking pictures. How it has survived the beating she gave it I will never understand.

    I am glad you are feeling better from the fall! It is always scary when you slip while holding a child.


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