Awards x4

Any time a little Q&A is involved consider me interested. So, when not one, not two, but four lovely ladies nominated me for the Liebster Award I couldn't wait to get started on answering (though it took me an unbelievably long time to actually get this post together). But, after realizing I'd be answering 44 questions between them all, I decided to do a little picking and choosing and answer 11 collectively.
So - here goes:

Amy - Keeping Up With the Smiths asks --
What was your favorite part about your wedding day :: such a tough one. There were so many parts of that day I will hold in my heart forever. But, the best was seeing Scott for the first time as I walked down the aisle.
What is your least favorite chore :: putting away folded laundry, hands down. I don't know what it is, but putting the mountain of clothes away is a task I hate.

What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie :: growing up I watched The Lion King on repeat. My brother and I could recite that movie verbatim. I still love that movie and can't wait to watch it with Marcus.
Brittany - Just Another Day in Paradise asks --
What are you most looking forward to this summer :: the kids and I are headed to the midwest for two weeks (maybe longer??) for our annual vacation spent between both sets of grandparents.

Favorite vacation spot or upcoming vacation :: aside from going home for two weeks, we are making our (other) annual trip to Cabo. A week of nothing but pool time, relaxing, and Mexican food. It's glorious stuff.
What's your favorite room in your house and why :: I love our kitchen (when I'm the only one in it). For me, there is something incredibly therapeutic about chopping, measuring, baking and cooking.

Leslie - This is For Keeps asks --
How did you and your significant other meet :: I was brand new to Kansas City and didn't know a soul. I decided to join a slow pitch softball team that was put on by the city in which I was employed. Our first game I was playing first base and Scott was second baseman. We had some pretty lively banter during that game (of which I gave him a lot of crap for missing two ground balls, and he recovered by hitting a home run). Months later I learned Scott was talking about "that girl at first base" in the stands, only to have my mom turn around to inform him that was her daughter. BAHA! My parents had come down to visit me for the weekend, and my mom apparently caught a bit of an earful while spectating.
From there we cultivated a friendship that grew into something much more.
And, here we are today!
If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be :: Kansas City. Though I'm from Iowa, after college I made KC my home, and I miss it every day.

What was your dream job in high school/college :: I always thought I'd be a news reporter or anchor for a television network, hence the Journalism/Mass Communication major.

Whitney - Work it Mommy asks --
What is your favorite blog post you have written and why :: Lately I've been on the struggle bus with loving my body right now, as well as seeing myself in photos. My post, Baring it Allis a good reminder that while my body is no longer what it once was, *I* am no longer who I once was. My kids have made me a mom, and that's pretty amazing... Maybe even more amazing than killer abs...

Who is your best friend :: Amy D. I've literally known her my entire life. Though many, many miles have separated us most of our lives, she's the one friend who has been present in all the seasons of life. She's hilarious, smart, loves to do things fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (totally opposite of me), and also happens to be a self published author, which bumps her up a notch in the cool department.

Phew! Good stuff. I love these. And now you know just a little more about me.

While I'd love to continue the nominations, I feel as if this award has really run its course. Feel free to answer any of the questions above in the comments section! 

A big thanks to the ladies above who nominated me and asked some great questions!!


  1. These were great! Cash loves the Lion King! I hope your parents still give your husband a hard time about the bleachers! Lol! So funny!

  2. Love that wedding photo - you looked so gorgeous! And I love the story about how you and Scott met. Tim and I played slow pitch softball together, too! I had no idea you were a journalism major - so was I! I wanted to be a sports writer, but that changed once I learned more about what salaries looked like in my area.

  3. This was so good! Ugh I hate putting folded laundry away too, so it usually sits in piles until I need the baskets for the next round (shameful). Sounds like you have a really fun summer planned, and cabo?! I really want to go to mexico this winter and Cabo was on my list of places to look, do you have a resort that you usually visit?

  4. Maybe this summer we can get together!

  5. I’ve been nominated for this too, but haven’t found the time to complete it. I’m jealous of the Cabo trip. I need that in my life. Look at that water! I could totally see you being a news reporter or anchor. Loved reading this and learning a little more about you! Love how you and Scott met.

  6. I love hearing stories of how a couple met! And that picture of Cabo brings me back to our honeymoon!! I want to go back!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  7. I hate putting away laundry, too. It's not my least favorite chore, but it's up there for sure. A trip to Cabo! So fun! Will it be just you and Scott or the whole crew?

  8. So much I already knew about you but I love hearing how you tell your stories! You are such a word smith and I have always admired how you have been able to put feelings and emotions into words! BTW Kansas City misses you too!!! Come home soon!

    1. P.S. I remember our conversations about Scott...I am pretty sure you knew from day 1 he was your #1!!!

  9. I hate putting away laundry and LOVE the Lion King too. I saw it 7 times in theaters and can still recite it word for word. :)

  10. I love the story of how you and Scott met!! And can I come to Cabo with you guys?! Sounds amazing!!!

  11. My Disney movie would be Beauty and the Beast - watched that so many times as a kid, plus it came out when i was a kid which is cool, too. If I go old-school it'd be Sleeping Beauty tied with Cinderella. :)

    I despise putting clothes away, too! I'll fold all day long but to put them away? Ugh! Worst household job ever!

  12. Every time I see a wedding picture of yours, I LOVE it even more. Seriously your wedding looks amazing and you are the most gorgeous bride!
    The Lion King is one of my favorite movies too!
    SO jealous that you're going to Cabo! Seth and I went with his mom in 2009 and it was quite possibly one of the best vacations I've ever been on. She has a timeshare there and I think we stayed at the ... Pueblo Bonito? Or maybe that was somewhere else? LOL. Where do you guys stay?

  13. lol looooove your how you met story. Never heard that one! Cute and funny, very nice.

  14. Aaahhh why have I never heard how you two met before?! Such an awesome, story. Was he embarrassed when your mom turned around and talked to him?!

  15. Midwest girl living in California, I can relate :) I loved hearing the story of how you met your husband! It's surprising I never knew since reading your blog for so long: what a fun, sweet way to meet!

  16. Brian and I were just talking about the Lion King lol we don't own it (shocking, I know) but once its out of the vault, itll be snatched up. I think this is my last year doing the Liebster and its bittersweet, thanks for playing :)


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