Julia || 8 Months


Here we are, yet another month has passed us right on by. This particular month just seemed to fly (so cliché, but so true - March was incredibly busy for us). It's impossible to think that in four short months we'll be celebrating your birthday.
Let's start with the biggest moment of the month... you are finally sitting. Finally!! I never thought the day would come. Just a few weeks ago I propped you up, and wouldn't  you know it, you just kind of hung out for a few minutes. After working on said skill repeatedly I think it's safe to say you've conquered that developmental milestone.
You continue to army crawl a warp speed. Your ability to move so quickly with such a labored crawl blows my mind. You do pop up on all fours and rock back and forth occasionally, but actual crawling is just out of your reach.
This month also brought a bout of RSV that wasn't much fun. You also dealt with teething in a major way.
Due to the aforementioned, sleep was less that stellar. There were so many nights we were up so many times. After fully recovering from RSV and the emergence of two bottom teeth we went right back to sleep training. We're only a week in, but nighttime sleep has improved vastly. You are generally in bed by 6:30/7, wake to nurse around 4:00, and go back to sleep until about 7:00am. You nap twice a day, and both are never more than an hour long.
Solid foods kind of took a backseat this month - again, RSV - and all you wanted to do was nurse. So that's what we did. However, the past few evenings I have been handing you strawberries the size of your head. You love to gnaw away on those things. Once they get mushy and start to break apart I take them away and we move back to the pureed foods. Lady, you love yourself some fruit. You're not real fond of veggies though (unless it's sweet potatoes - you love those, too).
Bath time forever remains your favorite time of day. Immediately following baths are your least favorite (you hate getting lotioned up and ready for bed).
Outside is your preferred hang out. If you're in a particularly grouchy mood all we have to do is head out the door and you seem instantly cured. But, typically, you go with the flow and are easy going.
You continue to adore Marcus. He is your moon and stars. Anywhere he is you want to be, too. And you could be surrounded by all of your toys, but the minute Marcus' toys come out that's all you want to play with, too. Good thing he's the best big brother and doesn't seem to mind sharing (at least for right now).
In the last month or so you've displayed serious 'stranger danger.' You very much love to be with mommy or daddy, and that's about it - unless you've really gotten to know someone outside our immediate family (it still takes a while to warm up to the grandmas and grandpas). Right now you're quite the momma's girl, and I don't hate it one bit.
Your personality continues to shine more and more with each passing month. You adore being doted on, hate being left alone for more than five seconds, have quite the flare for dramatics when something doesn't go your way, and you have the best laugh and giggle around - it's contagious and lights up any room.
Thank you for bringing that bright infectious grin to our lives every day. You are more amazing than I'll ever be able to fully express in words. Happy 8 Months, little lady.
I love you to the moon and back. Twice.


Height:: 27ish inches
Weight:: 15.5 lbs
Clothes:: 6-9 month
Diaper:: Pampers size 2
Teeth:: TWO! Finally!
Hair:: Slowly but surely, it's growing in and growing longer. Right now I'd say it's blond with definite hints of red. It will be interesting to see if the red becomes more or less predominate as you get older.


  1. She is so adorable and sits up so nicely! I love when babies are learning to crawl, so cute! She just reminded me that I have shorts like her, LOL!

  2. No way! Make her stop growing up so quickly. Ugh! ;) That outfit is to die for. I love it. I love how much she adores Marcus. Emmy thinks Cam hangs the moon. It's adorable and I hope it continues for a long time.

  3. She is sooo adorable. I love her outfit too!

  4. Hold up, is that a bow IN her hair? Holy cow!! She looks like Marcus' TWIN in the first picture (minus the bow). Stranger danger and a little drama...she's totally BFFs with Louise! If you take something away from her, you would think that I slammed her finger in a door! Total melt down. I love that she's sitting and speed crawling, too...life is changing!!

  5. She is so cute!!!! We totally have the stranger danger too!!! It's getting a little better the older she gets ... Can't believe they are so close to one!

  6. She is as sweet as pie! I love how much these little babes look up to their big brothers. It is just the sweetest!

  7. I was just going to comment on how there is red in her hair! Is this from your Mom? I hope she has a strawberry blonde mane of hair like yours! #hairenvypartyof1

  8. She looks like a toddler sitting up in that chair! So sweet and cute. I always see little hints of Tenley in these updates - she'd rather play w/ Tate's toys than her own, also. Those big kid things are always cooler, right? :) Happy 8 months! Have you started planning the big birthday party yet? :)

  9. First, that outfit. I die! So cute! I love her sweet expressions! Here's to a month of better sleep and health!

  10. Pretty sure wearing a now without a headband is the biggest milestone ;)

  11. Desiree, she looks so much like you! What a cutie! She has your eyes and smile. And I'm super impressed with that bow! How is it staying on? She needs to give Mim lessons!

  12. She is getting so big!! So adorable, and glad the RSV is behind you now. The sibling love is so cute to watch- Charlotte just adores her big sister too. I love her smile; she just looks so happy!

  13. Goodness gracious I just adore her!! And do my eyes deceive me?! Is she wearing a bow sans headband?! Impressive baby girl!

  14. First of all, I did read every word of this post but I'm too distracted by the CUTEST pictures EVER to comment on any of the words. My goodness. This girl. I adore every since photo. And also, is she wearing a real bow with no headband?? She is growing up way too fast!

  15. First off, Brielana has that outfit and how cute would they look in a photoshoot together?!?! Julia is looking so grown up and long, my goodness. This is around the time the toddler starts to emerge, tear.

  16. Oh my word! Just when you think she can’t get any more precious, she does. I think she gets cuter and cuter with each picture you snap. Gorgeous baby girl!! Her smile just melts me. Happy 8 months sweet Julia. Yay for sitting, what a big girl! Hope that she’s feeling better and that everything falls back in to place (eating, sleeping, etc.).

  17. She is precious!

    I have never dealt with RSV, but I know it isn't fun. I am glad she is over it and is feeling much better.

  18. So much personality shining through! Why must the moments immediately following bath time be so torturous?! And welcome to the Judy barely a ginger club Julia! K & Finn are happy to have you!

  19. Little Julia is such a cutie!! Her smile could light up a whole room :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  20. Such a precious little ham you have there. These have got to be some of the best photos you have taken of her so far! She is gorgeous.

  21. SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE! I can't get over that sweet little smile - it makes me smile every time. It's so fun watching little one's personalities develop.

  22. She's so stinking adorable!!! Seriously!! And yeah on finally sitting - one of my favorite milestones and makes your life easier too. Love watching that brother/sister relationship develop!


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