The Big Bash Edition

While I won't be doing an Easter recap (we literally did every. single. thing. everyone else did who celebrates, and I took exactly zero photos of our holiday celebrations), I can't overlook Marcus' fourth birthday party.

Last weekend we celebrated Marcus' big day, and it was probably one of the greatest days of his life thus far.

I originally thought I'd take a hundred photos with my own camera, and scoffed at the pictures that were provided in our party package. It wasn't until the party was over, and we were half way home, that I noticed the handful of photos I had taken with my camera were non-existent. I'd forgotten my memory card at home. There were most certainly tears (on my part), and I literally felt sick to my stomach when I opened my empty camera.

So, those photos I originally scoffed? Even though the quality wasn't what I'd like (ie. not my camera, wonky angles, and so. much. flash), I'm so thankful for those party package photos, now!

The highlight reel of the four-year old's big day!

1. The Invites!
For the second year in a row Marcus had his party at Pump It Up. It was exactly what he wanted - kid is consistent and knows what he likes! And I couldn't have been more happy to allow someone else to do all the setup and clean up.
I quick made the invites using PicMonkey and then simply text them to our friends and family. Years past I used to mail them, but more often than not these things get misplaced and inevitably tossed in the trash. Texting was so much easier, and responses were almost immediate. 

2. The PAW-TY Boy!
Clearly, Marcus had a blast. His energy, excitement, and joy were simply infectious all day long. Seeing him so happy made my heart burst. 

3. The Guests!
I can't speak for all of the guests in attendance, but if  was a betting person, I'd say they all had a pretty good time. 

4. Family!
This is where I'm dying over the forgotten memory card. The family photos are just not what I was picturing. But, we have something. So, that's better than nothing. We were so fortunate to have an entire day to celebrate Marcus, AND both sets of grandparents could join us. That tops a forgotten memory card any day. 
And this little lady. For running a low-grade fever for a few days (including the birthday party day), and not feeling her best, she was a trooper. Also. I had one of my better hair days. It needed to be documented. 

5. The Throne, The Favors, THE CAKE! 
No party is complete without a throne for the guest of honor and goodie buckets for all the guests.

This cake was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Marcus agreed.
How in the world is the little boy who made me a momma FOUR? I sure hope his day was as amazing and wonderful and special to him as he is to me.

A HUGE thank you to all our friends and family for joining us to celebrate Marcus. He had the best day ever, and it wasn't possible without you! 

Have the best weekend!


  1. What an awesome party. It looks like a total blast. I'd say Marcus had a great time and so did his guests. Everyone looks happy. Love your shirt and you had an excellent hair day. Other than the memory card (I would have cried too) I'd say it was a success.

  2. MEMORY CARD FAIL. But you still managed full documentation of the day. So there's that. And that little boy looks like he's in HEAVEN. Pump it up is like the best place ever for parties!!

  3. Talk about a 4 year olds dream! What a fun party! And thank goodness you still had photos. I have forgotten my memory card before and yep, I cried.

  4. 1. Awesome party! That looks like a 4-year old boy's dream come true! 2. You have photos! It wasn't a total wash. I've forgotten my memory card too and so many tears. I've taken photos for entire days only to realize I didn't have a memory card in the camera. I never learn. 3. YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING.

  5. I love that you made those invites yourself!!! They turned out great! I k is how you feel about the pictures, I took all of myles' 3rd birthday pictures on my phone and then when I did an update I lost all of them. I also shed many tears, so I feel your pain on that one :(

  6. Oh my gosh, what a horrible feeling to have forgotten your memory card!! I've been in similar situation and yes, crying is totally acceptable. However, you got some great photos out of the ordeal, even if they're not up to par with your expectations. Happy 4th birthday, Marcus!! I love that it was his most favorite day ever!

  7. I'm sorry about the memory card! My camera has an internal memory, but it only holds a small amount of pictures before it fills up. Too bad you didn't have that! I do like that they gave you pictures of all the guests, that is a good memory to have!

  8. Oh what a great party! So much fun!!! I love that both sets of grandparents were there. Looks like the kids had a blast!


  9. What a fun place for a party! I would've been sick about the memory card thing too. Sounds like the sort of thing that happens to me! But at least you got pictures, even if they're not what you had in mind. It looks like Marcus had such a great birthday. And your hair is gorgeous!

  10. Looks like fun! How nice to have a place like that to have the party at! Love the texting the invitations idea!

  11. What a great party! Looks like a great time. And you know what I love best that all though the pictures weren't the quality you wanted it sure showed how much fun he had and how loved he really is. These pictures prove that when you're having a great time, you're having a great time whether it is captured in film the way you want or not :)

  12. Even though the provided pictures weren't what you'd hoped for or up to your standards, at least you have some of the event and it looks like everyone was having a good time! And now you've got pictures that may be different than what you would have thought to take. Marcus' 4th birthday party looks like it was fun & I hope he had a blast at his Paw Patrol party! Have a good weekend & I hope Ms. Julia is starting to feel better. I'm sure it can't feel good to have a sick baby & not be able to take it all away & make her feel better.

  13. Oh no!!!! That is SUCH a bummer that you forgot your memory card! When I used to use a camera, I never even though to check that that thing was in there. I just took for granted that it was. Something to definitely think about if (when?) I get another one.
    But other than that, seriously everyone seemed to be having so much fun!!! I know Mason had a BLAST and promptly fell asleep about 2.7 seconds after we got into the car so that was a total win for me too! Thank you so much for inviting us and letting us celebrate Marcus turning four!

  14. oh no no, I'm so sorry! I'm paranoid about this, that or not putting the battery back in after a charge. I'd cry too. Totally justified, but that is so good that you had a back up even if it isn't perfect way better than nothing!

  15. Oh no, friend! I'm so sorry! That is the worst feeling.

    The paw-ty looks like such a blast! I'm so glad both sets of grandparents were able to make it. That definitely makes it extra special!

  16. That place looks like such a blast!

  17. Such an amazingly fun party. It was so neat to see Mason there too and I totally have envy over that stitch fix shirt. It looks so good on you!

  18. We went to Pump It Up for the first time a few months ago and it was so much fun! Mason had a blast. We totally do electronic invites too. Well, I do send some paper invites to the Grandparents and those not tech savvy. Ha. You hair looks gorgeous! What a cute birthday party.


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