The First Fix

Let me be very clear about this post. I am *not* a fashion blogger. Nor will I pretend to be - ever. Because, seriously, what do I do with my hands? Skinny arm it for every photo, or not? Legs straight? One leg bent (which leg should I bend?!!)? Why do my smiles look so damn weird? Why is the lighting in my house so terrible? What the hell am I even doing?
At any rate, I *finally* pulled the trigger and signed up for my first Stitch Fix. As I'm basically the last woman on the planet to join the club I'll spare the detailed rundown of how it works. (If you're not sure how it works here's the express version: pay a stylist $20 to do your clothes shopping, get clothes in the mail, try clothes on in the comfort of your home. Love said clothes? Keep 'em, pay the price of each piece kept. Don't love it? Send back in prepaid shipping bag.) 

I explained to Scott the $20 stylist fee would *easily* add up to the gas it would take me to get to and from the mall, the obligatory Starbucks I'd get while shopping, and likely the Aunt Annie's pretzel I would devour while browsing shop after shop. So, really, the $20 fee was doing us all a favor (not to mention my waistline). And seriously, I honestly cannot remember the last time I shopped for myself. My kids get all the glory when it comes to clothes these days.

When my box came I waited for the kids to go down for naps (a torturous THREE HOURS) before I tore into the package like it was my only ticket to heaven.

Moving along... The clothes!
My stylist did an awesome job of paying attention to my likes, dislikes, and postpartum body that is ever changing (and hopefully continuously shrinking).
Please excuse the mirror in need of a desperate cleaning, as well as the fact that I cannot find the cute little card that gives the name/description of each article of clothing. 

Plaid top and Dark Wash Jeans
I loved the plaid, but wasn't overly thrilled with the colors. I also thought the top was a bit too big, otherwise I would have liked the cut and style. I didn't feel I needed it, and was just meh about it.

The jeans were a dream. They were exactly what I've wanted and needed in my life. They are a little long - which I love. They have just the right amount of stretch so they're not cutting off circulation or cutting into any part of my body. And the color? Yep, I love it.

I loved the jeans so much I just kept them on for the rest of the fashion show.

Polka Dot Sweater
When I first saw this sweater in the box I was ecstatic. I loved the color, the polka dots, everything. Then I tried it on. The colors kind of washed me out and it was way too heavy of a material. I just know I'd never wear it in Southern California. Also, at least a size, maybe two, too big. 

Red Blazer with Polka Dot Detail
This blazer. Oh this blazer. It is so cute. I wish I had a reason, a place, a need to wear it. But, I don't. And, it was too big.
Returned. Sadly.

Cream Top with Jewel Detail
Then this beauty came out of the box and I was IN LOVE. The pattern, the little bit of bling-y detail, the back. Yes. But, again, too big. I contacted Stitch Fix to see if I could exchange it for a smaller size, but to my horror the size I needed was no longer available. Tear.
Returned. Such a pity.

My first SF experience was so much fun. I LOVED being able to try on all my goodies in the comfort of my own home. Though I only came away with one article to keep it was the best experience (I also quickly learned I needed to scale down the size of my tops). It was great to have the option to pull pieces I already own from my closet to see if they would go well with what was in my box. 

My only regret? Not signing up for Stitch Fix sooner! 

If you are one of the few people left who haven't tried Stitch Fix, but want to, I say give it a shot! And, while you're at it, I would be forever grateful if you used my referral code.

Maybe next time I'll even take a minute to wipe down the mirror and pull out the tripod. Maybe...

Until the next Fix! 


  1. Ok for real this is the first stitch fix post that made me want to try it! Perhaps I'll give this a whirl for my birthday! Because everyone needs comfy jeans that actually fit! That's such a bummer the tops were too big... that polka dot one was my favorite!

  2. Yay for jeans you love, they look great on you!!!!

  3. Glad you found at least one thing to keep!

  4. I still haven't signed up, but I'm waiting for when we can afford it!

  5. I love the items that you got but agree with the ones you kept and sent back. I don't know how they do it... they don't even know us or see us and they can find us jeans that fit perfectly! I mean, really? I tried on no less than 92 jeans the other day and hated them all. I'm going to ask for jeans in every one of my future fixes too! So glad you loved your first fix!

  6. I love Stitch Fix and I love all of the items that you got! That's a bummer that a few things were too big. I had that problem with my first fix as well. I ended up going down a size on my tops and haven't had that problem again. :-)

  7. Woot! Fashion blogger ;) So great to get a pair of jeans that fit. Shucks that none of the tops were a winner though! And a great justification of the $20 fee :)

  8. my first box arrives TODAY! eeep!
    i LOVE that cream top on you, i love the flow of it too! way cute IMO.
    i hope i find something that i love! i am nervous everything will be too small.

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you finally signed up! I love seeing what everyone else gets and keeps. I love the jeans on you and I want that red blazer for myself! I've kept nearly every pair of pants they send me because they seem to nail the fit! How do they do that? And I absolutely love that last white top on you! Such a pity they don't have a smaller size. Maybe you could find it on the BST board?

  10. I need to bite the bullet and just do this. I love the jeans you got. And too bad that cream top was too big. It was a beautiful top!

  11. Too bad about the big tops I really liked them all! But woo hoo for great jeans, those are so damn hard to find.

  12. Yay for getting a pair of jeans that fit right! Bummer on the tops but hopefully next month they'll all fit and you'll pick out a couple to keep! Thanks for the review, wondered how this work -- I haven't signed up so I've saved you from the horror of being the very last!

  13. I thought the blingey top and polla dot sweater looked great on you! Bummed they didnt fit right (why does that happen? So frustrating.) So way to justify to Scott the styling fee, maybe I could try that line on Brian? ;)

  14. I like your poses! :)

    Finding jeans that fit your body right is so huge. I love a good pair of jeans. Glad that your first fix was a success!

  15. I've heard great things about SF jeans...those look great!!! Loved your justifications for the styling fee. Makes perfect sense to me! :)

  16. Haha you are not the last woman on the planet yet to sign up for it because I haven't either. So glad that you were able to keep something from your first box. A great pair of jeans is so hard to find.

  17. Good to hear you enjoyed your first Stitch experience as much as you did! I actually kinda liked the first outfit all together; was kind of disappointed to hear that the plaid shirt wasn't a keeper. But like you said I guess you mostly just liked the cut & style, maybe in a better size & colors it seems it would've been a keeper. So sad to hear that the last shirt wasn't available anymore in the size you needed, it was so cute too & you would never guess from the front that the back would be how it was, so unique- I loved it! Here's to hoping the top sizing can get all worked out for the next order & they'll be more than 1 pant piece that you want to keep!!

  18. I have yet to sign up so now I'm the last person on the planet. I love the last top and wish you would have kept it!

  19. Stitch Fix is so fun, the white top is to die for! Glad you had a wonderful experience.

  20. I love that last top - such a bummer they didn't have your size! How amazing are they with jeans? I never thought I'd keep jeans from Stitch Fix but they are usually spot on!


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