Priddy Ways to Stay Entertained

Tell me I'm not the only parent who doesn't know what to do from 2PM-5:01PM.... You know what I'm talking about: you've used up all your ideas and activities for the day (Go to the park, check. Ride bikes, check. Play baseball, check. Play cars 1,484,325 times, check. Make some sort of craft, check.) and it's at least two hours till dinner, and a solid three hours before the thought of bath/bed time routines begin.

I call those hours the witching hours of parenthood. When those hours hit the evenings can stretch on into eternity, especially now that the sun goes down at approximately 2:30PM. And, let's not even discuss how Fridays can feel, considering Marcus doesn't have preschool on Fridays. Oy.

Filling those afternoon hours can prove to be somewhat challenging. While I love playing cars and dump truck as much as the next mom, that fun only lasts for so long. Marcus isn't a huge crafter, and when he does decide to paint/color/etc. those fill up about 20 minutes of our time - if we're lucky.
The answer to our afternoons and Fridays come in the form of Priddy Books. With a ginormous array of wipe clean activity books and flash cards Marcus is entertained, I can get a few things done around the house, and the best part? The little man is learning, but he just thinks he's playing. Bonus points for easy clean up and the ability to reuse the books and flash cards over and over.
We've had the Priddy "100" book collection since Marcus was born. When we were gifted the Numbers Flash Card set I knew we'd be building a Priddy collection to keep us all entertained, happy, and secretly learning.
Marcus thinks being able to write IN books and on flash cards is just the coolest. And I love that we are constantly working on ABCs, 123s, simple math problems, tracing lines, connecting dots, and a using critical thinking. All the while Marcus is having the best time learning.
Even after Marcus has grown out of the flash cards and workbooks I know there's a certain someone who will be eager to begin her own learning journey with Priddy Books.
I've come to love the ABCs and 123 Wipe Clean Flash Cards sets so much that they've become my go-to when it comes to giving gifts to kids around Marcus' age. You can't beat an awesome educational activity that keeps kids AND moms happy. Winning all around.
I've teamed up with Priddy Books - just in time for the holidays! - to give away an ABCs and 123 Wipe Clean Flash Cards sets to one lucky reader. Simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below. This set would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any little who is working on numbers, letters, colors, tracing, and so much more!
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Contest runs 12:00AM 11/24 to 12:00AM 12/1.
Winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter.
Winner has 24 hours to claim prize. If winner does not claim prize, a random second drawing will take place.

Disclaimer: I received My Big Activity Work book in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. OH my word the witching hours are the worst! Marcus is really really good at his tracing! Wow! I love the idea of being able to reuse those books! They look awesome. Added to my wish list for sure!!!

  2. Oh what a cool company! I love the first words books!

  3. What a fun giveaway! Hudson LOVES these books....we can't even pick a favorite!

  4. We've always loved the big first 100 words books, but I'm thinking those tracing cards/books would be great for our 'big' boy now!! :)

  5. These looks awesome! I may just go ahead and add those to the boys' Christmas lists!

  6. We have a few of the big board books and love them!!

  7. These would be to useful for my son now in preschool and learning how to write numbers and letters.

    Lately we've taken to doing bath time early and he's excited because I'm not rushing him and just let him play longer and then he gets to eat super in his jammies which he also thinks is pretty cool.

  8. Cam has always loved these books, but I haven't tried the tracing books yet. I am definitely getting these for him! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. We have a lot of the "first" books, but I've never seen the workbooks. How cool! Still blows my mind that our babies are big enough to trace and write!!!! :)

  10. Oh wow! So awesome. We had the baby's first 100 words...but I have never seen all of these others. I will have to remember this if we ever have a 2nd baby! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love these! How have I never heard of them before?? I'm totally getting the flashcards for Tate (unless i win them!)!!!

  12. Oh! All these look so awesome! I'd love to have these on hand for Rhys to use in a few years.

  13. I just had an aha! moment- we have a Priddy My First Words book and I didnt even realize it! Those flash cards look fun too!

  14. These are AWESOME!!! I LOVE how well Marcus does with writing! Sadly we don't have any of these books (I know I know!) so I'd love any of them. But especially those ones that you can practice writing! So awesome!

  15. What!?! I need these in my life! Myles is starting to write and draw more so the tracing ones would be amazing. And look at Marcus go. I hope these will help Myles. New Christmas wish list item!

  16. I have always loved this book brand! Simon would love the writing practice cards!


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