The Cub Inn

I'll be the first to admit that my idea of vacationing does not involve camping. Often I kid that a Howard Johnson is the extent of my "roughing it" (because, let's be honest, some HoJo's are kind of sketch). So, when Scott and I agreed that Babymoon #2 would be spent at Yosemite I was a little worried what our lodging and accommodations would be like.

After quite a bit of searching I found a Bed and Breakfast that sounded like it was exactly what both Scott and I were looking for (woodsy, in a cute little town, as near to the park as possible, running water and electricity). We'd never stayed at a B&B, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect, other than we'd have a bed and breakfast… Obviously.

When we arrived to The Cub Inn, nestled in the trees on the mountain, we were immediately in awe.
This log house was gorgeous, inviting, and cozy.
When we arrived we were greeted by Joe and Char, and we instantly felt as if we were being greeted by an uncle and aunt we hadn't see in a while.

After our hellos, and a bit of chit chatting, I just had to attempt and capture the house and all its glory.
Don't you just want to browse the collection, grab something that perks your interest, and melt into one of those leather couches with the fireplace going? Gah! Heaven. 
Let me tell you, the pictures by no means do the place the justice it truly deserves.

Our room, named Carla's Room, was adorable.
Quaint, cozy, and exactly where I would want to collapse after hiking all day.
The addition of the four-legged furry friends was just the icing on the cake. Two of the cats must have either loved us, or our room. Any time our door was open they would slip in and snuggle up on the bed.
Our bathroom was spot on.
The soaker tub was huge, and hit the spot after two long days of strenuous hikes. As soon as I submerged myself it took about 45 minutes and a lot of pep talking myself back out.

Breakfasts each morning were so, so good. Joe's delicious and hearty dishes ensured we had full bellies before heading out and tackling Yosemite.
While the food was scrumptious, what I loved the most about breakfast was that all those staying at The Cub Inn gathered each morning, together. We chatted about what we'd done the day before and our plans for the day that lie ahead of us. Those breakfasts were so intimate, and something unlike any I'd ever experienced other traditional hotels/resorts.

Each morning as we packed up and left for the day, we were not only ushered out by Joe and Char, but by the resident deer as well.
To Joe and Char, thank you so much for the exceptional hospitality. We felt like we were part of your family. Our time with you was second to none and we look forward to returning again.


  1. I've never stayed at a b&b either but I've always wanted to! This looks so fun and comfy. How fun to gather with he others there and what a yummy looking breakfast. Can't wait to see your hiking pictures!

  2. that looks amazing! I love bed and breakfasts!

  3. That place looks fantastic! Eric went to Yosemite a few years ago, and loved it. He wants to go back some time. I will have to remember this B&B.

  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous house! I've never done a B&B, but I'm glad to hear your experience was so great!

  5. I love to camp, but probably only because my in-laws have a 52ft camper! Ha! Hubby and I have only tent camped a few times throughout our 19 years. I’ve been thinking I want to take Mason tent camping sometime. But then I think I may be completely insane for even considering that. Nathan and I have never stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, either. I want to, though! The Cub Inn sounds like something we would love. Great pictures and that house just looks amazing!!!

  6. So much fun that you had such a great experience. I stayed at a B&B once and it was super creepy and a bit awkward. I have yet to go back to one since. You have given me hope friend :).

  7. We did a b&b for our 1st anniversary in MN, and it was so fun. I'd definitely do it again. So cute that they had kitties!

  8. This completely makes me want to do a B&B. Can't believe I haven't done one before!

  9. I LOVE B&B's! Actually, Justin and I would love to run one when we "retire"!

  10. I adore the sink, the guest kitties, the deer, and the fireplace!!! I've never done a B&B because I'm terribly awkward at small talk and Chris is even worse ha. We'd be a hoot! Now I would love some pancakes though.

  11. You are a girl after my own heart! I have been camping... real camping with no bathroom... all of once. Never again. I'm just not a camping girl. I LOVE this little B&B that you found!!! It sounds like perfection. And how fun for them too. They must love all the new visitors, chatting with them, cooking for them, and everything. So glad you found such a great place!


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