Preschool Registration is Like Black Friday // 6 Tips to Standing in Line With Strangers

You guys, this weekend I spent six hours - SIX! - standing in a preschool registration line. PRESCHOOL! 

It sounds crazy, yes, I know. But when you learn there are only 10 openings for the school that you desperately want your child to attend, you stand in line for hours and hours and hours. You wake up at 4:15, send your husband off to be in line by 5:00AM, and relieve him by 6:00. If it means four half days of school at a price that is half the cost of any other school, yet double the amount of days, you suck it up and you forfeit your Saturday morning. 

If I had to compare preschool registration to anything it'd be Black Friday. You wake up at an hour so ungodly even the nocturnal animals are calling you a fool, you're lucky if your washed your face, or combed your hair, or brushed your teeth, to make damn sure you get exactly what you want and need. The similarities between the two events are uncanny. Am I right, or am I right? 

I mean, we were up so dang early we caught the lunar eclipse. Anyone else see it? If you weren't up before 5:00 you likely missed it. I guess there are more perks than just preschool enrollment… 

The total upside to such an outrageous weekend alarm, and a morning spent waiting, is that my child was successfully enrolled, and will be on his merry way to preschool come August 18 (which just so conveniently happens to be four days after my due date, so that's fun). 

Aside from learning we as parents will go to great lengths to ensure our children receive what we think is best for them, I also learned some valuable tips and pointers while waiting in line with a handful of strangers for six hours…
1. If you know you're going to be in line for an eternity bring a tailgating chair. Seriously. I only have one chair, and it's for my happy butt to sit in.

2. Do not tell horror stories of your older children's preschool experiences. I am blissfully ignorant, and believe my child's experience will be nothing short of rainbows and unicorns. Keep those nasty stories to yourself. I'm certain I will deal with my own in due time.

3. If it's 8:00AM and we've been idly chatting for a few hours, and you see I've leaned my head back in my chair, and my eyes are closed, it means I really, really just want some quite time. And maybe a few minutes of sleep. My need for conversation has been reduced to negative zero. Stop talking.

4. If I've flipped open my trashy Us magazine that also means my ability to communicate has been compromised - by lack of sleep and coffee - and I simply cannot continue talking. Please, for the love of the ABCs and 1,2,3s, give me some quiet.

5. If you've arrived a few minutes prior to sign up, and you've had your shower and your six cups of coffee, please do not come at me with a ball of energy. You're lucky I washed my face, combed my hair, and brushed my teeth. I'm silently cursing you for being totally put together, and cursing you even more for knowing you didn't wait in line all morning, and will still get your child enrolled.

6. I know we will be seeing a lot of each other for the next couple years. Please do not mistake my silence or lack of conversation as being rude. Rather, accept that I'm tired, hungry, pregnant, and just want to go home already. I promise I'll be all sorts of Social Sally when you see me in the preschool pick up line.

Any tips I missed for standing in line for hours on end with strangers??

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  1. 6 hours!?!? That's crazy!! Preschool here in the northeast is different I guess, it's done through the public school system and everyone gets in. It's monday-Friday but only 1/2 days. I have no doubt that Marcus will love it though!!!

  2. Hahaha, love these tips! One of my coworkers recently had to do the same thing- wake up at 4 am to get in line for registration. That is so crazy! I'm hoping it's not like that when the time comes for us!

  3. Lol! Oh you are such a good mama to do this for your baby. So now I must ask, were you the first person in line? So excited to hear about M and his pre-school journey next year.

    P.S. August 18th is our anniversary.

  4. 6 hours?! You crazy! But yay for getting the school you wanted! Great (and funny) tips!

  5. This is nuts! I am expecting with my first so I guess I have all this stuff to look forward to! hahaha *cover eyes*

  6. HA! Love these. We are like the same person. For realz.

  7. Yowza! What an adventure! Glad he got in!

  8. WOA! for real 6 hours?!?! And seriously that was the best post I read all day! I totally get the you can only talk to strangers for so long! So glad he got in and 4 mornings sounds awesome - he will love it! That is one intense sign up momma - you're a rock star for doing it!

  9. Lol!!! love this!! I thought I had it bad when I woke up at 6 to stand in line to register Lily. I really had no clue preschool registration was the new ivy league. Hopefully you were able to get in!

  10. LOL! Great tips!! Seriously some random lady chatted you up for 6 hours?! She's lucky she was by you and not me because I probably would have ignored her. I'm not good with strangers. Especially annoying strangers.

  11. I can't even. That is just nuts! It is awesome that he got in and you made it happen, that's what we do as parents right? Make things happen! But 6 hours. ooph. you rock mama, and genius to bring a chair. I would have not thought of such things.

  12. I can't imagine. Connor's school isn't that bad but they do screen each child. Of course, I was overwhelmed by the idea of someone watching Connor without me being able to control the situation but he did well and was accepted. It's a scary process for sure. And may I add... how the HELL is this even possible that we are sending our babes to school? Hold me D!

  13. That is insane! I can't imagine waiting that long, but I would for the right school.

  14. Question - how many people were ahead of you in line? And how long til the person behind you arrived?

    As for those nasty stories, it's only b/c those parents expectations are WAY too high and nothing will ever come close to being good enough for them or their child. I can't imagine why there would be anything to complain about when it comes to preschool unless they are Nazi's running it and don't let the children be kids. IDK, that's just me. I'm more laid back and know my kids are good kids who don't get in trouble therefore should never have any issues. :)

  15. Six hours? Oh my goodness! We go to for Kindergarten Roundup/Registration in May and have an 8:30 appointment! I hope we’re not there all day because I didn’t take off work for it! Lol. Haha, love your tips!


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