Soccer Success

In the past three years we have strategically avoided bringing Marcus to professional sports. Partly because we figured he was too young to understand or appreciate, partly because I was terrified of how well he would do sitting in a seat for such a long period of time, and partly because I desperately did not want to eat the cost of tickets only for the event to end (for us) as a major flop. 

However, when our friend (hi, Christine!) offered up tickets to see Sporting KC (go team, go!) while being hosted by the LA Galaxy it was just too good to pass up. 
Scott had seen Sporting on one of our trips home, but I had never attended a MLS game. Now was as good a time as any to check it all out with Marcus along for the ride. 

Our friend assured me that she'd gone to the soccer games with her kiddos, and that there was so much going on that the kids were totally into the event. 

So, off we went to cheer on Sporting. 
The stadium was pretty cool, and both my guys seemed pretty impressed by it all.

Our seats were great. I couldn't believe how close to the action we were.
I was totally surprised at how well Marcus sat - especially while waiting for the game to begin. During the game there were drums continuously being played, chants constantly going from the crowd, and an overall sense of excitement everywhere we turned. Marcus was into all of it. 
While I can't promise he paid attention to the game the entire time, I can say he sat still and was captivated the whole time we were there. Not once did I have to pull any thing out of my bag of tricks to keep Marcus entertained and occupied. The game and atmosphere did all the work for me! 
By half time of the game we decided to pack up shop, as it was waaaaay past one little boy's bedtime. But, if I had to guess, I'd say he would have made it to the very end of the game had we stuck around. 
Sadly, when we returned home we discovered Sporting KC had fallen to L.A. Galaxy (2-1), but it sure was fun cheering on our home team, with Marcus, right here in L.A.
Maybe, just maybe, we'll brave it out and try a few more sporting events in the near future. 

Have you ever taken your kiddo(s) to any sporting events? If so, which type of event (soccer, baseball, football, etc.), and how did you fare? 


  1. This is so awesome! He looks like he really enjoyed himself!

    Great pictures, like always.

  2. Love that last picture with the FOUR of you. he he!! :)

  3. You know what I'm gonna say.....hit up the Dodgers or Angels! Mace has been to several MLB games and lots of ICubs games, and like you said, with the atmosphere (and let's face it......the hot dogs and other snacks don't hurt), Mace is always way into it. Next time we come out, we've all gotta do an Angels game!! A Sporting game in KC is on our list to do sometime. I love all your shirts!!

  4. I took Hannah to a K-State football game when she was 3 months old. If we hadn't been delayed by a tornado, I think she would have made it the entire game.

    I am glad he sat through the game for you. It makes the game even better when your kid is enjoying it as well.

  5. We haven't gone to any games really either for the same reason -- sitting still. It makes me so nervous. Like today I was practically doing cartwheels bc she sat still for lunch at panera for 35 mins! But I have family and friends that swear the games keep the kids engaged! So glad Marcus did so well and what a fun event to be his first!

  6. So fun!!! And even better, you didn't have to pull out anything from your bag of tricks. I call that a win! We've taken Mason to Angels games before but honestly it's way better without him. I always have to hand over my phone or something else and he always wants to run around or we have to make sure he's not gonna kick the person in front of us in the head. Marcus did so awesome though!! I'm so impressed!

  7. We CANNOT WAIT to start taking Rhys to professional/collegiate sporting events! We definitely want to take him to a BYU football and basketball game as we are both alumni (and live 30 min away) and a Salt Lake Real soccer game as we live less than a mile from the Salt Lake Rio Tinto Stadium!

  8. That sounds like such a fun time! Someday we'll take Reese to a Brewers game, but I think that may be a few years away. She's not big into loud noises and that place can get pretty noisy, especially when the dome is closed.

  9. Looks and sounds like a fun time! Nathan and I are big time Ranger fans. We've taken Mason to a few games, but have yet to make it the full 9 innings. He's good for 4, maybe 5 innings!


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