The Globetrotters

Things have been pretty slow going around these parts. We've been doing some minor updates and renovations to our place, so the last few weekends have revolved around trips to home improvement stores and constantly cleaning the mess that comes with renovations.

Home improvement isn't really Marcus' thing (or mine), so he and I have spent our weekends doing much the same as our week days (see yesterday's post). To say I was beginning to feel a little guilty of our mundane and uneventful weekends would be an understatement.

When I discovered The Harlem Globetrotters would be in town I knew it was exactly the fun and entertainment our family needed.

After securing tickets and getting one of Marcus' favorite friends - Colt - to join us, we built up Marcus' anticipation telling him we had a special surprise for him. (The special surprise was also a great tool to keep the little man on his best behavior.)

When game day arrived Marcus was thrilled to be spending the afternoon with his favorite buddy.

Immediately upon walking into the USC Galen Center the excitement was electric, and I'm positive both boys sensed it. We quickly snagged a few souvenirs and found our seats.
We were right by the tunnel to the locker rooms, so we were treated to an up close view of the players at they emerged.
From the minute we sat down Marcus and Colt seemed totally enthralled. Every time I looked over at the boys their faces told me everything I needed to know:
They were captivated throughout the whole show (the entire 2.5 hours!). We were all captivated throughout the whole show.

The Globetrotters displayed their ever impressive ball skills and artistry, and I have to admit, I was fully pumped to see a female player on the court!
Along with the game, the boys took great delight in snacks which included the arena staples: popcorn and cotton candy.
Like father, like son.
 The fluffy, spun sugar was a first for Marcus, and he wasn't totally sure how to eat it or what to think of it. After just a few bites Marcus was done.
 But, Marcus  found Colt's consumption of the sweet stuff simply hilarious.
There may have been a moment when Ellen Pompeo was brought onto the court, and I was admittedly star struck (I love me some Meredith Grey).
Several times I thought maybe I'd seek her out and ask her to sign our souvenir basketball… However, my better judgement remained in tact, and I remained in my seat and enjoyed the game.

After a very close game between the Globetrotters and the Washington Generals, the Globetrotters won! (May I also point out that 26 seconds before the game ended Marcus needed a bathroom break, so we missed the exciting finish.)
Immediately after the game we headed to the court to snag an autograph and photo op.
We were the first in Highlite's line (player pictured above). Marcus and Colt received Highlite's sweat bands that were used during the game - he literally took them off right in front of us and handed them over to the kids. While the sweat bands were kind of, um, sweaty (and in need of a good wash) it was such a great moment for the kids (and for me too - I couldn't stop gushing to the boys about how awesome it was that they received those bands).
Souvenir ball (with Highlite's signature) and Highlite's sweaty arm band.
These past few days Marcus and I keep talking about the basketball game and how it was Marcus' special surprise, and how much fun we had.

For us, the Harlem Globetrotters was so much more than just a game. It was an opportunity for us to make some truly special memories.

Because our family had the best of times I want you to have an opportunity to do so as well.
Use the code: FAMGUIDE to save $7 off tickets to a Harlem Globetrotters Game. Just head to the Harlem Globetrotter's website http://harlemglobetrotters.com/tickets to see if/when they'll be in your town. Enter the promo code (FAMGUIDE) at checkout to receive your savings!

*Disclaimer: I received tickets to this event from USFamilyGuide.com Network in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. May I also point out that 26 seconds before the game ended Marcus needed a bathroom break, so we missed the exciting finish. hahah ain't that always the case?! kids.
    You had me laughing about the sweaty arm bands. Awesome, and slightly disgusting all wrapped in one package! And, really how awesome that for 2.5 hours he was into it! I cannot imagine that kind of attention. Aria taps out at about 17. Maybe it just has to be something as fun as the globetrotters!

  2. That is so much fun! The Globetrotters are supposed to be at Silver Dollar City this summer. I guess we will have to make a trip down there at that time to check them out!

  3. How fun! We saw the Globetrotters last year but Mia was obviously way too young to get anything out of it... and it was a little on the cheesy side for us, HA! Not worth the money we paid. But so fun that you got to go (for free! The best!) and take the boys! Definitely worth the memories for them!!

  4. Meredith Gray!!! I need to watch out for when the Globetrotters are in town. I think Henry would love it! Such a fun experience!

  5. How fun!!! When I saw you posted about this on IG the other day, I knew you guys would have a blast! I'm so impressed with Marcus for being able to sit there so long until... the last 26 seconds. Poor kid. He just couldn't wait any longer. How awesome you got to meet the player and he gave you his sweaty arm bands! What a day to remember!

  6. This makes me so excited for our show (game?) in March! Bummer I couldn't use your promo code though!

  7. I absolutely love the series of pictures of Marcus trying cotton candy for the first time. You can tell at first he's really not sure, but by the end he's totally digging it!

  8. Looks like fun! Um, cotton candy -- YUM!!!!

  9. I saw them my senior year of highschool and they were a riot!

  10. What a fun night! And I love Meredith and Grey’s too. How cool!


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