In and Out, Popsicles, and Beaches

We have a really romantic Valentine's Day planned out for tomorrow… We're doing more house renovations. I'll be sweeping microscopic bits of drywall up for hours. So sexy. I know, you're jealous. But really, we're going to keep the Hallmark holiday in check and enjoy another weekend together. 
Friday also marks the official end to the first trimester. Though the worry of 'what ifs' won't go away until M² is safely in our arms come August, it's nice to know we can breath a little easier with the first trimester officially behind us.

Here are the weeks highlights:

1) I finally fulfilled my In and Out craving!! BUT, I didn't get a Double Double. On the 'secret menu' they have grilled cheeses. And, oh.my.gosh. they are mind blowing. I've been dreaming about my next grilled cheese since I took my first bite. Maybe I can convince Scott that I *need* a Waldorf Salad from Cheesecake, and a grilled cheese from In and Out… BOOM - Perfect Valentine's dinner.

2) I've been seriously craving Popsicles. GIVE ME ALL THE POPSICLES!  The odds of me eating two (or three) in one sitting are pretty good. Don't judge. It's better than ice cream or chocolate, right?!

3) I mentioned a beach-y vacation a couple of days ago. Everything is officially booked. The last time Scott and I visited this particular destination was six years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago, yet, it feels like an eternity, all at the same time.
May 2009
Now, I just need to find a swim suit that will be appropriate for my ever chancing body… Remember that time when shopping for vacation was fun? Yikes…

4) I also mentioned a couple days ago that Marcus seemed to be giving up naps. Welp, he's been proving me wrong the past few days and I'm not mad about it. Naps for the win!

5) It's been 85+ degrees the last few days. It seemed appropriate that Marcus and I made an impromptu beach date yesterday. It's been too long since our last real beach trip, and the weather is going to continue on this summer-like streak. Therefore, we have another trip to the ocean scheduled for today.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your beach vacation looks pretty awesome!! Also so does that trip to the beach - so jealous of that warm weather! It's currently -4 without windchill right now!

  2. Your vacation looks great! My car read 6 degrees this morning :-/ 85 sounds amazing right now. I need to defrost! Also looove waldorf salads :)

  3. Your beach vacation sounds amazing!!! Enjoy =) And i'm totally jealous of your weather!! I'm certain that winter is never ever going to end her in the Northeast!

  4. 85 degrees? This morning it is 8 degrees in NJ. No that is not a typo. EIGHT. I had In & Out once and was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, those are non-existent on the east coast.

  5. YAY!!!! You finally got in n out! I will admit, I am slightly saddened that you didn't get a double double but I will admit that the grilled cheeses are pretty amazing!
    And a BEACH vacation??? Where are you going? I'm dying to know! Hope you have SO much fun (and hope there is a cheesecake factory close so you can get your fix in!)

  6. Hey, at this point, I’d be happy to sweep up anything but pounds of dog hair! Our lab is shedding like crazy right now. It’s a wonder he has any hair left! You are looking fabulous!! And wahoo for moving into the 2nd trimester. In and Out has grilled cheeses? Good to know, because Mason is obsessed with them. Nice! And yay for naps! Mason gave them up right when he turned two. Sigh! And I love that you can total go to the beach in February! Great pictures!!

  7. !) I'd like to request baby M2 be born on my birthday (august 27th), please and thanks. Did someone say VACATION?! I cannot wait to hear all about it, please squidge your toes in the sand for me...

  8. It's like 4 effing degrees here today. Thanks for rubbing it in. :)

  9. Yay for more naps and a beach vacation. Is it kind of surreal to live in such nice weather after being a midwesterner for so long?

  10. mmm grilled cheese, that is a great way to fix that craving without getting the meat! Yeah I'd say you just need all the things for Valentine's day. Salad and melted cheese is a good combo

  11. Yeah, my husband aren't exactly doing anything super special or romantic for Valentine's Day either. Neither one of us are into crowded restaurants with over-priced food, so it will be a nice, relaxing home cooked dinner and catching up on TV shows for us! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. All your beach photos are driving me crazy. In the best of ways ;). Now your on a beach trip. You lucky, lucky lady.

    Popsicles are totally better than chocolate. I say eat all you want!

    Happy Valentines Day dear!

  13. I ate many popsicles as well. I was told the syrup in them was good for nausea. Win!

    Your vacation looks fabulous!

  14. Is that picture from Cabo San Lucas? I went there on a cruise! Beautiful! It's been in the 60s here in Utah which is UNHEARD of in Feb! We've definitely taken advantage of it; however, it means that we will probably have a drought because most of the water we get in the summer comes from the melted snow in the mountains...and we don't really have any!


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