Swing by Sweet Turtle Soup

Today one of my favorites, Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup has me sharing a little bit about myself over on her blog. If you haven't had a chance to stop by her blog I strongly encourage you to do so. Courtney has the cutest little lady, Aria. And together they craft, create, and do some of the most fun things in preparations for holidays.

Courtney was so kind to ask me to guest post for her today. Here's just a snippet of the Q&A:

Just how long have you been a runner? Has it always been something you've enjoyed or did you have to talk yourself into it before figuring out that you enjoyed it? It's weird to call myself a runner… But, I've been pounding pavement for about seven years. In the beginning I really had to talk myself into it, but I was looking for an inexpensive way to get into shape. It was after many, many, many miles that I found I truly loved running. However, there are so many days where finding the motivation to run is difficult. The first steps out the door are often the most difficult. But, the reward after a run is indescribable. 

There are also questions of how I told Scott and Marcus about Baby M², baby-moons, and the excitement of having two kiddos under one roof.

Click >>HERE<< to get the full interview!

A huge thanks to Courtney for allowing me to take over her space in the bloggosphere!


  1. Loved seeing you over there spot lighting it up :)

  2. Me to, me to ^! I absolutely loved your spotlight just like Amanda said. It was so fun reading about you and your pavement pounding :).

  3. Me three, me three ^! I loved your spotlight and loved finding out how you told Scott and Marcus about baby #2! So cute and creative and so cool that you got to incorporate Teu in with the secret!

  4. What a cute series of Q&A's. I especially loved the story of how you told Marcus and Scott about M2!


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