Happy Marcus Monday!

There has been no shortage of fun for Marcus since we arrived to Iowa last week.
But, I think both Marcus and my favorite part of the day is when we FaceTime with Daddy to get in our bedtime stories, giggles, and prayers.
We sure do miss Daddy.
Happy Monday!


  1. Awwww... I love that last picture! That's one very good thing about technology. Not only do you get to hear the voice of your loved ones, but see their faces too. Just like they're right there with you!

  2. That's the sweetest picture ever, well all of them are :) Glad youre having fuN!!!

  3. Glad you're having a great time, sad you're not w/ your husband. :)

  4. i am so glad that you and scott were able to vacay together before this time apart!

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Keep having a blast and you guys will be reunited before you can even blink. :)

  6. What a beautiful moment of daddy and son FaceTiming :) Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun in the Midwest!!


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