Malibu Mud Run

I can't tell you how excited I was to finally participate in an organized running event this weekend! It's been SO LONG.

When I saw a mud run in Malibu I knew this was something Scott and I could not pass up! When I think Malibu I think about the beautiful coastal views. But, the location of our run was in the mountains, which held equally wonderful scenery.
The run was held at the Salvation Army camp grounds. Though I didn't take many pics of the actual camp, the place was awesome! After seeing where donations go, and what good they do, I will be dropping more of my change into those little red buckets outside of the grocery store around the holidays.
At the camp we spotted this amazing (real) tree.
I could not get over the "face" of the tree. HA!
Naturally, we (we're not fooling anyone, these pics were all my idea) had to take photo-op advantage of this.
We are big kids at heart!
Then THIS dude showed up.
What run is complete without a dude dressed as a banana?!

Our friends joined us in the fun:
Here we are, all clean, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

The run itself was a pretty challenging one. But, WHAT. A. BLAST! We were running through mud, jumping over obstacles, running tire drills, crawling through sand, crawling over walls, and diving through mud pits. By the end I was exhausted, and it was awesome.

At the finish line we were anything but so fresh and so clean. 

Yay for muddy fun!

In other FABULOUS news: 
My sister-in-law delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday. WOOHOO! 
It is taking every inkling of might not to announce the name, and all other details of their precious little boy. But, we'll save all those fun details for the happy mommy and daddy. Once they've spread the joyous news I will be back with pics!
We are sending all our congratulations and love to Carolyn, her husband Frank, and the little man!

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  1. Just getting caught up! This mud run looks SO FUN. I've always thought about it. Maybe I can con my man candy into doing one with me sometime.


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