Wall Crawl - Redondo Beach

This past weekend was positively perfection in regards to the weather; sunny skies, temps tinkering in the low 70s. In the shade you could still feel the last bits of winter (or as much winter as we get in Southern California), but in the sun you could feel summer just around the corner. That left my crew ready and willing to get out of the house for a little urban exploring, which naturally meant I convinced them all to go hunt for walls.

We spent a majority of our weekend in one of my favorite beach communities - Redondo Beach. Many a days have been spent here, however, I'd never noticed all the street art until recently. 

To the walls/façades we found.
El Retiro Park and Library
(126 Vista del Parque, Redondo Beach)
The El Retiro Library is located within the same parking lot as the El Retiro Park. We've been to the park a few times, but I've never thought to actually get a pictures of the library's pretty wall. However, I do think "garden" and "library" should be swapped out for "coffee" and "wine," maybe toss in "nap" for good measure.
In the park there is this circular shelter/BBQ/picnic area, and the entire thing is covered in a beachy mural. I was only able to capture a few portions of the massive mural because the actual park was much more interesting to Marcus and Julia than sitting in front of walls.

Interior of the Parking Garage along the Pacific Coast Highway
(A rough address for this parking garage: 1814 South Pacific Coast Highway)
Pretend there isn't a horrendous glare on these murals from the fluorescent lighting in the parking garage. There was a third mural next to these, but a few parked cars hindered any good photos. I wish these would be moved to the exterior of the parking structure because there is so much potential! 

The Redondo Beach Pier
(121 W. Torrance Blvd, Redondo Beach)
 Ok, so this isn't technically a wall, but it's art nonetheless! And, each and every time I've ever passed these steps I've thought they were pretty. So, Marcus went up and down them a few times for me.
These tile works are along the strand, just north of the pier's parking garage. And, these also happen to be on the wall along the bike lane. We may or may not have had to dodge more than one bike to get these pictures.
I love, love, love the dolphin mural along the parking structure. When we first moved to California this was the beach where I first spotted dolphins off the coast, so this mural seems so fitting for its location.
 Just coming out of the parking garage we found this big fish. I totally made Marcus pucker up. He's going to hate me so much when he looks back on these when he's older.

All along the pier are all these bright façades. I will admit I was hoping the ice cream shop was open. The disappointment was strong when everything was closed up during our visit.
Outside one of the fish markets was this tile mural. There was a second mural on the opposite side of the entry, but I could convince Marcus to get in front of just one. 
I won't even pretend this mural didn't one million percent creep me out. Nothing about this seems like "FUN FACTORY" to me. Clowns are what my worst nightmares are made of. I had Marcus feign surprise in front of this creep show and then we kept things moving.

Hudson House 
(514 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach)
Confession time. I've been hunting high and low for a Bumblebeelovesyou mural. I know there are several scattered throughout the city, but I'd yet to find one. I was beside myself with excitement when I learned there was a mural in Redondo.

Magical Blooms
(1417 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach)

We saw this gem as we were cruising along the PCH and I was like, "PUMP THE BREAKS!" Thank goodness Scott just kind of rolls with my crazy.

The Boy and the Bear Coffee Shop
(350 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach)
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Not only was the coffee at this place top notch, the vibe was pretty dang spectacular as well. I'm hoping we can make this a regular weekend spot.

Redondo Barbershop
(220 1/2 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach)
The gray and black with bright pops of red and antique toys on display. Be still my heart. Passing this up wasn't even an option.

Standing Room
(144 N. Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach)
An open mouth as an ordering window? Which of my kids is going to cooperate and stand there long enough for me to snap a picture?!

The Bull Pen
(314 Avenue I, Redondo Beach)
I have seriously passed by this place hundreds of times and never noticed the mural along the back of it! Much to my surprise, Julia was the child cooperative enough to hang out long enough for me to take a quick pic.

Phew! Until now I had no idea Redondo Beach was filled with so many murals and street art.

I'm absolutely thrilled each time someone reaches out to me and says they've discovered a wall or a mural or a piece of art. It's pretty awesome hearing that the urban adventures Marcus, Julia and I go on have inspired so many others to get out and do a little wall crawling and exploring of their own.
Keep exploring!


  1. I just thought ... wonder what the kids will tell their kids about their grandma taking them all over California looking for pretty walls? :)

  2. Amazing. And yes, you've definitely inspired a ton of us!

  3. How do you keep doing it? So much fun! And this is my favorite weather here, reason #3000 to live here :)

  4. That open mouth ordering window is my favorite!!!! California sure is colorful!

  5. Did you coin the term "urban exploring"? Totally sounds like something you would create. I will never tire of seeing where you guys find new street art so please keep finding more gems!

  6. Seriously you just keep finding more! I love these! The stairs are so fun!

  7. I love your wall crawls! I really wish we had those here!

  8. All the walls. All the yes. You are a pro at finding all the best spots! I love the stairs at the Pier! Redondo is filled with amazing walls and murals. How far is that from you guys?

  9. Ok, somehow I missed this too? #friendfail
    I seriously LOVE all of these!!! I didn't realize you went on a little Redondo Beach wall crawl when you found that Bumblebeelovesyou one! There are so many great walls in Redondo! I'm convinced I need to go there now... for that ice cream shop.


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