Julia || 20 Months

Whew! Month 20!
I vividly remember toting Julia around when she was just a couple of months old, chatting with other moms whose babies were in the teens and twenty-something months, and I thought there's no way we'd get to month 20 this fast. But, alas, we are here. And there's nary an idea for a second birthday party. I should probably get on that...
Height :: I'm guessing about 32-33 inches
Weight :: 24.5 pounds
Per the usual, Marcus, depending on the situation.
Being outside.
Getting filthy.
Helping to walk our lab, Drake.
Snails (so gross).
Getting up on the computer desk and "typing."
The intro music to Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but not actually watching the shows, that would mean sitting still.
Wearing shoes, particularly Marcus' shoes and her Mickey and Minnie Disney Twins; if you spot her in those and they don't even remotely match her outfit (see the last couple pictures below), it's because I've failed to hide them.
Running around in her birthday suit.
Marcus, depending on the situation.
Wearing headbands/bows. I knew this day was coming, but it doesn't make it any less sad. Daily, I attempt in vain to put headbands/bows on her, but they are almost immediately ripped out.
Hearing, "no."
Going down for naps and bed time (though the resistance is usually short lived).
Waking up from naps and bed time.
This month seemed to be the breakthrough with words. 
Simple, two word sentences are now the norm. 
The sweetest is when she will be given something she's requesting and she says, "Thankssss, Mommy."
Potty talk. Oh my goodness, I don't think we had real potty talk with Marcus until he was just entering preschool. But, Julia loves to tell us, "Drake, poop," or "Izzy [our cat], poop."
We've kind of hit a hiccup. For quite some time Julia would go to bed and sleep through the night without waking up. Lately, there have been multiple wake-ups per night. Usually the remedy is nothing more than a pat on the back and a reminder that it's bedtime. But, even those few minutes away make for some very groggy mornings. I'm hoping this is something that passes quickly, momma's tired.
Thankfully, however, morning wake-ups have been pushed from 4:30 to closer to 5:30, 5:45, and every Blue Moon, 6:00.
Another thing to note, Julia has recently insisted on going to bed with her water bottle. I thought surely it was just something to hold on to. But, in the mornings when I retrieve the bottle at least a quarter of it will have been consumed.
Notable moments
Julia can identify the colors blue and yellow. Red, green and orange still have some work. She is also able to help me count to three. I'll say "one," she'll follow up with "two," and together we will say "three."
Just recently I've noticed that when we sing to Julia she will "sing" along. It's more a mumbled hum with a bit of the song's melody tossed in for good measure. It's the most adorable thing, and I never want to forget it.
We've participated in two Easter egg hunts, and Julia held her own and loved running around with a basket swooping up eggs.
Along with potty talk, there's been a curiosity about the bathroom in general. Julia gives exactly zero privacy when it comes to bathroom courtesy. And, each night before bath time she insists on sitting on the toilet, though nothing ever comes of it.
That's a wrap on Month 20. Onward to 21. And time to start that birthday party planning!


  1. I don't know why "dislikes Marcus" made me laugh out loud.

    This outfit is the cutest, loving those gold sandals!

  2. I love the spunk and sass that had came into your life in the form of Julia. She is just the sweetest! I hope that she figures out the importance of sleep sooner than Marcus did for you. Poor Momma... you don't make sleep lovin' babies.

  3. Her curls!!! And Finn has recently started fighting sleep at naptime too, and it is always the most frustrating part of my day!

  4. She is just so sweet! This age can be so fun. We definitely struggled with the waking up a lot at night a couple months ago. It must be that age. Cal also insists on water with him at bed and he sure drinks it!

  5. Those Disney shoes are adorable & her hair!<3 Sometimes I see Marcus in her face so much in these pictures. She is just too cute! Hope she gets her sleep loving(or at least liking) ways back soon for mama's sake at least!

  6. Ok, the poop is hilarious!! Always with the potty humor, kids lol. Second kids grow up so much faster it is heartbreaking. I cop out on the birthday planning for Brielana and just keep it 4th of July, can you say l-a-z-y?

  7. Oh my heart!!! I love these two little silly sassy girls of ours! That dress is darling! I love listening to Tenley sing, too, and now she's adding in the hand motions I use - adorable! Awesome job on teaching her colors, Mom! I need to hop on board that train! We are counting to 3, though, which Tenley thinks is funny to do. ??? :)

  8. Friend, she has been looking so grown to me lately! I love that she's a girly girl that loves to get dirty! And her curls slay me. She's a precious one!!!

  9. She's so cute. I love that dress on her!

  10. Potty training the second one is usually easier and faster than the first. Meeghan had to be just like Hannah so she was interested before two as well. Both my girls insisted on water cups during the night. I went with it while they were in diapers. The pain was breaking them of the habit when I took them out of diapers. I hope she starts sleeping for you again!

  11. She looks so cute in her bows!!! It's a bummer she hates them so much.
    Running around in her birthday suit - I literally laughed out loud!
    And snacks, cheese, and sweets. Sounds like a balanced diet ;)
    Happy 20 months sweet girl!
    Oh! ps I think she finally likes me... you could add that to the list for 20 months! LOL

  12. Sigh. She is adorable and I love her curls. But, it just makes my heart sad when I see more and more of the younger kids' language bursting more than Rhys's. He is going to preschool in the fall and is still speaking far below average...it's really his pronunciation.

  13. Those curls and sassy personality! And those adorable gold sandals -- the cutest. Happy 20 months sweet J!


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