The Catching Up Edition

It has been so long since I've done one of these. This has been sitting in my drafts for... geez... two, three months?

I feel like there are so many things that we've done lately, but nothing that warrants a total blog post to itself. Plus, lately, each night after the kids are tucked into bed my energy to do anything is at about negative 27. So, to catch up on the happenings of life over here, I thought I'd lump all the randomness into one post.

A Skyzone Birthday Party
After a bit of questioning as to what Marcus would like to do for his birthday, he ultimately decided upon Skyzone trampoline park. Initially, it's hard for me to hand over the reigns to someone else when it comes to party planning, and decorating. But, at the end of the day, when I don't have to do any set up, clean up, and I send a dozen kids home tired? That's one hell of a successful birthday, if you ask me.
Naturally, I didn't think to take a single photo while any of the kids were jumping. But, then again, I'm positive that would have been nothing but blurry pictures. I did have enough wherewithal to snap a few while the kids were eating and hanging out.
The fruit punch mustashe, the sweaty hair, and that sweet smile. It spells out, "good birthday party."
I made the mistake of making two different colors of frosting, because it's frosting, and it all tastes the same. But, to a group of 5-year olds? Nope. For the record, blue frosting wins.
If it isn't obvious... by the end of the party Marcus was truly exhausted.
Scott told me the night of the party, after we'd tucked the kids into bed, that Marcus had said to Scott, "Today was a really good day, Daddy." And then my heart melted right into a puddle.

Climbing Gym
Some time ago now, Scott and I joined a rock climbing gym. Thought we can't go as often as we'd like, it's been the perfect weekend activity for us. I was super hesitant to learn how to belay, but once I got the hang of it I was hooked. Bonus points that Marcus enjoys climbing and Julia loves to jump, bounce, and flop around on the crash mats. By the end of a climb session we're all pretty spent. 

Marcus began t-ball a couple of months ago, and thus far is absolutely loving it. He has a ways to go with all aspects of the game, but so long as he's having fun (and burning up all that energy) that's all that counts. 

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Most practices and games I spend chasing Julia around and imploring that she not play in every dirt pile she sees, but that's neither here nor there. Hopefully all the time at the ball fields will spark a love of the game for her, and get her excited for softball (my all time favorite sport to play) in a handful of years.

I think that covers most of the tid bits that we just haven't had a chance to share.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun round up! We had Henry's party at Chuck E Cheese and it was soooo nice to not have tons of people at our house, but I'm really all for the party at a place like that now. I think we'll keep doing Henry's that way, but I'll wait a year or two until the other boys are a little bigger for theirs.

    Oh, your speaking of baseball brings me back to last summer when we were at Henry's games. I can't wait to be out again this summer!

  2. I think that the less you have to do for a party the more you get to enjoy it. I'm looking for less work for #5 for sure.

  3. Fun things here! I have loved the t-ball pictures on instagram. The birthday party looked like fun. And I wish we had a rock climbing gym to join!

  4. That post bedtime energy is hard to come by here too! Marcus looks so happy in his party pictures, so yay for a success! I think we will have Liam's party at a venue for the first time ever this year. Especially since I will be 8 months pregnant. And the toddler entertaining while the older one does sports, oh how that is my reality too. Finn is not a spectator. I imagine swim lessons this summer will be pure torture. He has to be 3 before he can start!

  5. Mason’s birthday is next month and he cannot decide what he wants to do! Our invite list has grown by leaps and bounds this year because of our church family. We better get on that! We have an indoor trampoline park here, but its $300 for only 10 kids and that only includes the jumping on the trampolines (nothing else at all). Mason would have more like 25-35 kids and that would be a pretty hefty bill for a birthday party. I think it is a success when you have an exhausted boy at the end! Love that picture! And what Marcus told Scott…oh my word! That makes all of it worth it times a million. T-ball! I wish Mason would want to play again. Love those pictures. Especially the two of them at the fence!

  6. Ahh! Somehow I missed this.
    Marcus' birthday party looked so fun!!! We were so bummed to miss it, but I just don't think driving out there on a Thursday would have been doable for us. So glad we got to see you guys the week before though and we could give Marcus his present!
    LOVE LOVE all the baseball pictures!! I'm dying to start Mason in some sort of sport. I think he might like soccer, so I need to look into that!


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