The MMWT pt. 2 Edition

For this trip home I had some pretty serious expectations. I envisioned lazy summer days spent going down a slip n slide, trips to the community pool, a handful of visits to nearby cities to explore the fun they have to offer.

However, one relentless stomach bug has had other plans for Marcus, Julia and myself. Rather than fully enjoying our time in near perfect summer weather conditions, we've spent some major time trying to recoup and recover.

I kind of want a re-do of this week.

BUT. Stomach bug aside, we have managed to sneak in some fun. And, thankfully, we have a full week left to try and pack in as much fun as possible before embarking home.

That said, here are this week's highlights from the #MackeMidwestTour2016.

1. Great Wolf Lodge!
Before making our trek to Iowa, we spent a night at GWL. The place is literally every kids dream. A massive indoor water park, actives throughout the day, restaurants that gladly served mac and cheese. We didn't want to leave! 

2. Kites and Kitties.
There was an evening when the temps were just right, the wind was aplenty, and the household cat was willing to take a time out from his mouse hunt. It was exactly how I pictured all of our evenings would be spent.

3. Water play! 
Between the water table and water slide, there is an abundance of fun that is just waiting for us.

4. A little running.
This isn't a country road, this is in town!
I'm hoping for several more mornings spent pounding pavement. The openness, the fresh air, it is so good for the soul.

5. Wonder walls.
Marcus insisted on throwing his hands in the air for each photo.
Whatever floats your boat, Buddy!
When we had a brief lull in the sickness department we headed out of town to check out a science center, where I fully failed to snap any photos. While there I met up with one of my besties from college and her littles. After the science center, I knew we were close to a pretty epic mural, and I simply couldn't pass up a photo op. The pictures above are painted on one wall, and the wall is the exterior of a restaurant! Next time I'm stopping in for a bite to eat and a drink. 

Here's to hoping this next week is without illness, and filled to the brim with fun!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm so sorry you guys were hit by a stomach bug. That just sucks. Looks like you still managed to have a great time. :)

  2. That sickness just stinks! Those Roca walls are on our to-do list this summer! My sister-in-law's brother-in-law (haha long connection) is one of the owners of Roca and I don't know why we haven't been there yet!

  3. So sorry you all got sick. :( I love the wall - I got some pictures at a wall like that in NJ and I'm obsessed with them!

  4. Oh no!!! What a bummer to fall sick on your trip home. But at least you had your mama to take care of you all? I seriously want to take a trip to DSM solely for those mural walls!!!! Great pictures!

  5. Julia's hat looks very familiar. :) Not much better than Iowa, in any season! But I'm biased. ;)

  6. First of all, it's SO unfair that you guys are sick on your vacation! I hope you feel better ASAP so you can have the best week ever next week!
    Second, GWL here needs to happen. The kids would have a BLAST.
    And those walls?! Holy wow. So pretty! I love that Marcus wanted to throw his arms in the air lol.
    And umm, that road is in town?! So, so pretty!

  7. So sorry to hear that you guys got sick on vacation, but like you said, you have a full week left yet! Phew!

    Those walls are so neat! I wish we had something like that by us!

  8. We have whatever you all had... it must be taking the crazy by storm. I wish we could just kick it and go about our daily lives but C is still fighting a serious fever.

  9. I haven't read past GWL but had to jump to comment, doubt I'll be back though(admittedly an infrequent commenter) I've only been to Great Wolf once but even as an adult it was a blast & I'm sure your 2 water babies were in water park heaven! I hope they loved the heck out of Great Wolf! Sorry to hear a stomach bug has put a damper on vacation plans but hopefully you're still able to piece together a good trip home!

  10. Im so sad youve been battling a stomach bug! But if it makes you feel any better I had no idea you were sick by your lovely pictures on IG! Guess that isnt quite the compliment? ;)

  11. So sorry y'all got sick. How long are you up there lady. I should take a trip to come see you :P. I am definitely going to need your fun things to do in KC list eventually too. I think next year we may do a close to home vacation to save $ for a much bigger one the year after.

  12. You guys totally deserve a re-do! I am sorry you were all sick. Hope you’re back to 100% now. Love all of these pictures! And holy amazing walls you have found!

  13. I am sorry you all had to deal with a stomach bug while on vacation. That sucks!

    I really want to take the girls to Great Wolf Lodge. I just don't think I will have enough time while I am in Kansas City.

  14. You totally need a redo! But it looks like you all have had an absolute blast regardless!

  15. ugh I'm so sorry you got a bout of the sicks. Not at all fair. You do need a redo, that is extra lame.
    I love the cat pic, and then all the fun you did manage to squeeze in. Esp great wolf lodge, I hear good things!


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