Mackes Do Mexico - 2016

Though we are already a handful of days deep into June (how?!) I have to back peddle a moment to May. Sweet May. It's the month where we begin our count down to summer. But, it is also the month we take a quick two hour flight south to Cabo, hang out with my family, and check out from reality for an entire week.

This also gives me solid reason for one big, legit photo dump. The warning has been given...

When we arrived at our resort Marcus immediately saw the pool and water slide, and before the bell hop could even get all our luggage in the door, Marcus had stripped down and was begging for someone to get him a swim suit. So, it comes as no surprise that much of our time was simply spent hanging out around the pool and going down the water slide. 
Julia and I also did the whole pool lounging bit pretty well.
We did do a few other things, too...

We took in a few outstanding sunrises and sunsets.

We enjoyed his and her massages. Heavenly! There are exactly zero pictures of this, because. Massage. 

We played with dolphins!
Marcus was a little hesitant to actually swim with the dolphins, so he and grandma stuck to an afternoon of playing and training them. 
Scott and I opted to actually take a dip with the dolphins.
Meanwhile, back at the resort, Grandpa and Julia had a little one-on-one time, and I think both enjoyed their grandpa/granddaughter date.

Scott and I enjoyed a morning of parasailing (kid-free)!

I was able to sneak off for a run along the beach!

We spent some time on the beach.
The waves on the pacific side of the Baja are so forceful that going into the ocean isn't encouraged. But, that didn't stop us from enjoying a little time near the water with our toes in the sand.

We also left the resort a few times to browse the little shops near us and eat at The Office, which is basically a mandatory stop every time we are in Cabo. 
Just steps from The Office. The view is second to none.
And, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Scott and I had a date night (I honestly cannot remember the last time that's happened)! 
Per my request, we also had family photos taken. We did this last year, and I was adamant we needed them taken again, as our family looks quite a bit different this year. But, those pics I'll save for another day!

And, no trip would be complete without at least one snafu. Naturally Julia refused to sleep in a crib, and ended up in my bed each and every night. Plus, she cut not one, not two, but FOUR teeth. It wasn't terrible, but it did make things a little challenging at times. With that said, both the babes traveled like champs and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our week in Mexico.

A massive thanks goes out to my parents for inviting us along to enjoy their timeshare again, as well as for helping us out with Marcus and Julia so Scott and I could enjoy some fun and relaxing moments!

Cabo, you were so good to us. Adios until next year! 


  1. That first picture is my favorite picture of all time! I just love it! How cool swimming with the dolphins! It looks like such a fun, fun time.

    Poor Julia girl. What a trooper!

  2. Best trip ever! That water slide is amazing and I know Cam would have been in it all the time too. I love that Marcus just striped down and was ready. Ha ha. Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list. I LOVE the pictures of Marcus with them and the underwater pictures you got are so great. Poor sweet Julia. 1 tooth is bad enough, but 4, ugh. It looks like an amazing trip. Glad you had so much fun.

  3. Phew! 4 teeth!!! What an adventure. Your trip just looks amazing! I love the pictures with the dolphins and on the slide! What joy!!

  4. I love that you do this yearly with your family. Looks like such a great time and the pictures are gorgeous. I'm excited to see the family pictures :) And yikes about cutting 4 teeth, poor baby! Glad you were able to get a date night with Scott, you look gorgeous!

  5. That looks amazing! I especially love the sunrise and sunset pictures!

  6. Such an amazing family vacay. It's so nice to take the kids AND have grandparents to lend a hand, esp when date nights can be had. Love all the picture, and I love your family pics last year I'm glad you got them again this year!!

  7. Water slides. Cocktails. DOLPHINS. Next year count me in.

  8. What an awesome vacation! Your photos are amazing!

  9. Oh man this looks like the best vacation!! We are looking to visit me Mexico this winter... Or maybe Hawaii... We haven't decided :) was this a good resort for families? The water slide looks awesome! Scarlett would love it!!

  10. Everything here is just perfect. Love that waterslide picture of you and Marcus!! Dolphins + parasailing + family pictures on the beach + a date night.....I want all of it!!!

  11. What an amazing vacation!! Loved all of the pictures!!!!

  12. Epic vacation my friend. EPIC. The beach! Those sunsets!! Dolphins! And a date night? You hit the jackpot, for sure.

  13. FOUR teeth?! Poor baby!! Poor mama! What an amazingly beautiful and fun memory filled vacation though!! I would be lying if I said I wasnt a bit jealous ;) oh! And I love the side braid you've been sporting lately!

  14. fun, fun, fun! We just booked a vacation to Cabo for November! So stinkin' excited, will have to see who far away The Office is from where we are staying, any other tips of places to go or things to do? This will be our first time there. So thankful the trip is just 2 hours away!

  15. Oh my goodness what a great time. So tell me for reals is beach running amazing? I am trying to decide if I wanna pacj my running shoes or not 😊.

    Glad you guys had so much fun relaxing and playing.

  16. Such beautiful pictures!!! The underwater picture of you and Marcus is the best! Actually I cant pick a favorite because the ones of you and Julia napping are sweet too. So glad you had a marvelous vacation. And yay for a date night in a foreign country that pretty much tops all date nights ;)

  17. Four teeth!!! Holy jeez. Poor girls!

    That picture on the beach with Jules in the wrap. And you on your date night. You're stunning. Like whoa.

  18. All your pictures look like you all had an amazing time. I absolutely love the one with Marcus kissing the dolphin. Dolphin swim pictures like yours always make me a bit jealous. Technically I "swam" with dolphins once but really it was more like they swam at high speeds under us all, wild ones will do that I suppose, the best part of that adventure was the sea turtle portion. They're slow movers ;)

    Sad to hear Julia had to cut all those teeth & was less than a cooperative sleeper; at least everyone made it out alive though. Parasailing looks like it's an awesome time. I've got a hot air balloon ride on my random some day bucket list so to speak. Nice to see you all enjoyed Cabo. Hope the rest of your summer is fun!

  19. You are making me wish we were heading back to Cabo again but ... no.. they did the cruise and well, I missed that too.
    But I found out that we are going to Orlando in February. Guess what we plan to do while there? I'll need your advice of course, seeing as you are my Mickey expert.

  20. So.much.fun! I love all of the water photos, especially the ones under water. So cool! Holy gorgeous sunset and sunrises. Those photos are stunning! Did Marcus enjoy the dolphins? I am hoping we get to do this when we visit Florida in July! There is a Marine center that does this. It’s pricey…but it’s DOLPHINS! They are so interesting! You got so many great photos on this trip. I hope you put them all into some kind of printed book! Can’t wait to see the family photos!

  21. Oh my goodness!!! I have so much to say.
    1. AMAZING trip! It looks like you guys had an absolute blast. Which I am SO SO happy for you for! You SO deserve it!
    2. HOT MAMA in that swim suit! You look so good!
    3. I LOVE that first picture of you and Marcus on the water slide.
    4. YAY for a date night and a massage!!!!
    5. Seth's mom LOVES the office. We went there when we went to Cabo in 2009.
    6. Those underwater pictures of you and Scott with the dolphins are amazing!!! Did they provide those for you?
    7. Parasailing... looks fun but I think I would be scared shitless. I don't know that I'll ever do that but it looks so fun! And so cool you got to take pictures while you were up there!
    8. I think that is all. I told you I had a lot to say! lol. PS let's go on vacation to Cabo together next year? I'll hide in your suitcase. Ok? ok!

  22. Awesome trip!!! Fun pics. You look fantastic!!!

  23. Your vacations sounds like it was so much fun! Love the sunset pictures, and just all of them! Isn't haven't grandparents around the best? Yay for date nights! So jealous of the dolphin encounter - I so want to do that!

  24. What an absolute dream vacation! From being with family, to the kid free time! The Office is one of our favorites, as is Romeo & Julietta's!

  25. Such an awesome idea to have the grandparents with!! I do need to do that and what a short flight! I had no idea how close it is. I loved every.single.picture!

  26. That looks like an amazing family vacation! Marcus looked like he really loved the slide.


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