Julia || 10 Months

Happy 10 Months to my little peanut!
This month may have been the most fun, yet. You are crawling like a champ, using furniture to stand, and beginnings of cruising are forthcoming. You gravitate towards the stairs - why?! - and the dog's water bowl. Keeping me on my toes is the name of your game, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Recently I've noticed a few little curls popping up along the nape of your neck as well as behind your ears. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that your whispy hair continues with the curls because they are oh-so adorable.
In your bag of party tricks you love to clap your hands and wave "hi." It's the sweetest when people you don't know approach you and you burry your head into my shoulder. I hope I'm forever and always the place you turn when you need a shoulder and your safe place to land.
You love to eat, and do well with each meal. You will try almost anything I put on your tray at least once. Watermelon and pasta cannot be shoveled into your mouth fast enough. Watching you eat pasta, in particular, is hilarious. You still love yourself some PB&J sammies. Recently, you've learned to use a sippy cup. I use the term "learned" loosely, as you're still trying to master the whole tipping bit. You are actually pretty good with a straw, and seem to love gulping down water and my morning smoothies (which consist of spinach, frozen fruit, yogurt, chia seeds, a banana and a splash of milk). As of late, apple sauce pouches have been conquered and have been game changers when we are out and about.
We're still nursing, but only a handful of times a day.
Sleep is still not your strong suit, and I've completely surrendered to the fact that I breed non-sleepers. Any given night you are up two, three, sometimes four times. You've been teething, so I'm hoping that's been contributing to our drowsy days. Naps are kind of all over the board. But most mornings you'll give me one short nap (30-45 minutes), followed by a longer afternoon nap (1.5-2 hours). We've attempted the Ferber sleep training method numerous times with you, but rather than wear yourself out, or surrender to sleep, you simply get worked up to the point of hysterics. That's where I throw the white flag and nurse you back to sleep. 
Lately you've really gotten into playing games. Your current favorite is reaching for my glasses/sunglasses, and when I react with a funny noise and turn away you find it hilarious and giggle like crazy. That giggle is something else, and I could listen to it on repeat forever and ever. 
New sounds are forming, and I've heard "mamamama" a few times. Hallelujah! It's the sweetest sound, and I can't wait to hear that more often. You love to click your tongue and make a "nananana" sound. 
Perhaps my favorite development this month is your big, open-mouth, slobbery kisses. When your little head leans in to plant one of those kisses my heart skips a beat with pure delight.
Marcus continues to be your favorite person in the whole wide world, and when I need you to calm down or be cheered up your brother is the one for the job. 
Here's to another month with you, sweet little lady. You're so amazing, and some days I have to pinch myself because it's hard to believe you're actually mine! 

Height :: 28ish inches
Weight :: 16ish pounds
Teeth :: 6!
Diapers :: Pampers Size 2
Clothes :: This is all over the board. You need 3 month bottoms for your swim suit, but need 9-12 month tops. You can finally semi-fit into 9 month shorts, but they are still too big in the waist. You can wear most 9-12 month tops. 


  1. Her little dress is too cute for words =) And serioulsy, how is Julia almost a year old?!?! Where in the world has time gone?!

  2. Oh my goodness that smile! How do you not just eat her up?! She is precious, Desiree.

  3. I love her dress! Simon used to repeatedly crawl to the dogs water bowl and splash in it. He did the same with the toilet!

  4. Oh sweet Julia! Happy 10 months precious girl. Praying for sleep for all of you! :)

  5. She is precious!!!! And we have that dress, in a shirt version!

  6. She's precious. Just darling. Yay for mamamamama. Can she teach Wy that? He likes dadada. ;)

  7. Oh my sweetness! The slobbery kisses are the best. I was all about nursing my kiddos to sleep. Because why not? Now Calvin takes a few drinks from his sippy and he's off to bed. It all works :)

  8. Julia is always so happy! She is so, so cute! The stairs and the dog bowls - sounds like Mila when she was a baby, haha! And that little dress is adorable! Happy 10 months, Julia!

  9. That smile, that bow....that DRESS!!! I miss baby girl stuff so very much!!! And it might be my favorite thing ever when they burry their heads into your shoulder :)

  10. These posts make me so happy yet I cry every time. :) Sweet little girlie!!! I always see things in these posts that Tenley is doing also, or things I get excited about that are right around the corner for us/me. I do love me slobbery baby kisses!

  11. How is it she is going to be 1 in 2 months? That is just foolishness.

  12. Finn & Julia might as well be twinsies (except that he drastically outweighs her). But stairs & waterbowls are his favorite too! AND I alsO breed non sleepers. But I'm holding out hope that a possible third baby will be a unicorn!

  13. Gah, she is just so adorable! Isn't the 'mamamama' the best?! Charlotte has been saying that along with 'ba ba ba' lately. And don't feel bad- we have non-sleepers over here too. The joys of being awake at night :)

  14. Happy 10 months to your little princess <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  15. I can't believe it is almost time for her first birthday! She is a doll. I love her little grin.


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