Preschool. How is my baby old enough to be a preschooler? Somehow, someway, time has once again slipped right through my fingers, and my baby is now in school.

We've been talking about preschool for so long it didn't seem as if the day would ever arrive. And then I blinked.

Yesterday was the big day. Marcus was so excited the night before that he had a tough time falling asleep (I, on the other hand had no problem falling asleep - however, our resident newborn thought it'd be fun to party all night long).

Then yesterday morning Marcus woke before me, came to my room, woke me and asked if we could go to school. He was ready.
Me? Not quite as prepared.
The excitement from Marcus was obvious. He wanted to get this school business on the road. I managed to convince him that I needed a picture of his best buddy, Natasha, and him before they started their new adventure.
At drop off Marcus didn't even notice, or care, we were around. He immediately put his lunch box in his little cubby and was off to play.
As we were preparing to leave Scott had to call Marcus back to give us a hug and kiss. I quickly received one of each, followed by a "Bye, mom." And away he went.

I wasn't 10 steps out the door and I lost it. My baby was totally ready to go and I wasn't quite on the same page.

The morning passed quickly, and I couldn't wait for pick-up. For the last three and a half years I've spent almost every single day with my buddy, and I was more than ready to see his sweet face.

Marcus was thrilled to see us, and it was clear he'd had a great first day.
I wrangled my guys for a little first-day-of-school selfie.
And then we celebrated a successful day with a very necessary treat. Donuts!
My little man did such an awesome job and seemed to really love his first day of preschool. I'm sure the donuts were a nice bonus.

Lucky for him he gets to do it all over again today (except maybe we'll get ice cream instead of donuts).


  1. The first day of school is the WORST!! For us as parents it is anyway. I remember dropping Emma off at her first day of Pre-K, and I cried and cried and cried. And honestly thinking about it now it makes me tear up. I wish we could keep them little forever. So glad to hear Marcus had a great day though. That definitely makes it easier when they are excited about it =)

  2. Oh my goodness. How did this even happen? Wasn't I just reading a post about him taking his first steps?! We have a countdown on our calendar at our house. Em starts on the 31st and she is basically acting like she's about to go to Disneyland. I, on the other hand, will be just fine if we could push it off another month.

  3. Oh how sweet! He was so ready!! Glad he had a great day!

  4. Oh I'm SO glad he had such a good day!!! On Mason's first day, I could barely get in two words before he ran off to have fun. Talk about crushing a mama's heart. But then on the other hand, I was SO happy that he was happy and not crying that I thought of it that way. So cute he was SO excited for his first day and he couldn't sleep and was up so early! It was like Christmas morning to him! Hope day #2 goes just as well!

  5. What a sweet way to document his first day of school -- such a big guy, way to go Marcus!

  6. I'm so glad he had a great first day. That first day is a big deal. I was emotional on Jackson's first day as well. He loves school though and has a lot of fun.

  7. Aaahhhh so much fun! So glad you were able to get those photos girl. It can be tricky when all they want to do is play and go. I'd totally got to pre-k if I got yummy snacks afterwards too. Donuts are my love language ;). He is getting so big, this is going to be an awesome year for him.

  8. Awww!! So sweet and precious. I am in denial that Mason starts Kinder on Monday. Complete denial. I need to get focused and prepared...my heart just won't let me go there yet.

  9. I was hoping youd post about Marcus' first day! You are raising a confident young man if he was able to jump right in, be proud mama! I vote ice cream and then cupcakes ;)

  10. I am glad he had a great first day!

  11. I'm glad he was so excited and not scared! That makes it all so much easier! Don't worry about crying - no shame in our game! I still cry the first couple days of school every year. It's so fun when they come home and tell you s/t awesome they learned. Have fun, Marcus!

  12. Oh I just love this! I'm so happy he was excited. So many little ones are scared the first day and I feel so bad for them... and their parents!

  13. I'm so glad his first day went well!! I will most definitely be in that same boat as you- crying my eyes out when that day comes. How many hours a day is he there?

  14. Oh man, Brantley starts preschool in a couple of weeks and I know I'm going to cry! I almost started crying just from reading your post! I love all of your pictures!


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