A Surprise for Us All

For the first 15 weeks of this pregnancy it was fun to pretend to myself, and everyone else who asked, that I would actually wait until delivery day to discover if M² was a he or a she. After much discussion Scott and I agreed that we would indeed find out. Immediately upon our agreement I knew exactly how to tell our families, and I began planning the fun.

Finding out was so different this time around than with Marcus. This time there was no ultrasound needed to see if there were lady bits or man parts. My doctor simply drew some blood, sent that into a lab, and results were back within a week.

Per my instructions, when the results came in my doctor wrote down the gender on a card and placed that card in a sealed envelope. I was none the wiser on whether we'd be seeing more blue, or have pink pop up in our lives.

Two days after I picked up the sealed envelope we whisked away to Kansas City. Almost immediately after we landed I rushed to a local bakery where I dropped off the sealed envelope. Once I left the shop the bakery discovered our news and placed gender specific frosting into cupcakes.
You see, both sides of our families would be together, at the same time, to celebrate Marcus' birthday. It was the perfect time to make such a fun announcement!
After an agonizing wait through the birthday dinner it was FINALLY time for the cupcakes. Scott and I passed them all out, all the while not a single soul in our group of 22 had a clue what was actually happening.

We sang to Marcus where he took exceptional delight in blowing out his candles.
Then it felt like ages before anyone touched their cupcakes. Finally, I heard our friends' little girl say, "Mommy, there's pink inside!"

I looked at Scott, he looked at me, and I think we were both kind of in shock. We were thrilled and terrified, and both of us was expecting to see blue frosting.

I teared up a little bit, took a bite to confirm the pinkness, and then promptly told both grandmas that they needed to get to eating their cupcakes.

My mom took one bite, saw the pink, and squealed with delight. Scott's mom followed suit, and I think I may have seen some mist in both grandmas eyes. Or, perhaps that was just the blur from the tears in my own eyes.

Meanwhile, Marcus had no idea what was going on around him as he enjoyed every sugary bite of his cupcake.
At any rate…

We were thrilled to make M²'s gender announcement while celebrating Marcus' big day, and it was extra special doing so with both our families surrounding us.


  1. aaaaah so exciting!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling it was a little lady! Congrats, and love the way you shared the news!!

  2. What an awesome way to announce the gender - with all your families! I'm always impressed with gender reveal parties/moments because it means you have to wait that much longer to find out! Still so excitied for the pink!!! :)

  3. That's so exciting and such a fun way to find out. Congratulations!!

  4. This story is perfection.

    So so happy for you guys.

  5. Awww, SO sweet!! Congratulations on your baby GIRL... so, SO special! <3

  6. that is awesome. It fit in so nicely with Marcus's b.day! and it's interesting that there is a blood test now for determining gender!

  7. Aaahhhh!!!! First off that was so mean to pretend like you weren't going to find out. Secondly I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND OUT!!!! Third that was like the sweetest way ever to reveal the big news. I love that it was a family affair. We have a Smallcakes in Joplin too, I had no idea it was a chain.

    I am BEYOND excited friend. Maybe you'll have to do a girl mom post for me eventually :).

  8. I've been hearing about this new blood test to find out the gender.... how strange!! Someone told me they found out the gender of their babe at 10 weeks! That seems crazy to me! How far along were you when they did the test?
    Oh my goodness, this totally gave me chills! I LOVE how you told your family!! Sooooo sweet and what a wonderful surprise! I'm still so excited for you that you get to experience a boy and a girl! I hope I get that chance!

    1. The whole blood draw totally threw me for a loop, too! I was completely expecting to have to wait for the second trimester ultrasound to find out. I had the blood draw at 19 week, but our friends had a blood draw done at 14ish weeks. So different than the last time we went through this!!

  9. This is the cutest reveal ever!!! I love this! I'm so incredibly happy for you guys! You are going to love being a girl mom! :)

  10. Still CRAZY excited for you.

  11. That is so fun! I love that you tied it in to Marcus's birthday and that you could share it with your family! So special!

  12. What a fun way to find out!
    p.s. i love small cakes

  13. So stinkin cute and I can't believe you're having a girl! Ahhh! So fun! And what is this blood test?! Did it cost extra or were they already drawing your blood? Or did you just ask them to do it? I'm confused haha!

  14. Best share ever. We did the reveal but we already knew. I think if we have another we might try this way. Idk if I have the self control though. Big tears over here btw.super sweet moment thanks for sharing

  15. Congratulations! I love Small Cakes! One of the best cupcake shops around!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love how creative you have been throughout this whole pregnancy! The cupcake idea is genius. And I love that Marcus was oblivious and just kept on eating his cupcake lol.

  17. What a great way to share the news! Those cupcakes look delicious! We didn't do anything fun the first time around, but I'm definitely considering it for this time! So happy and excited for you!

  18. Aww, this is the best! I LOVE the way you shared!

    And yes, I don't know how anyone waits until delivery day, haha :)

  19. What a fun party! I am not patient enough to wait for a party. I have to know right then. :)


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