I'm Still Riding This High

Time for a quick link up with Shannon for a So What Wednesday!!

So what if...
... It's Wednesday and I'm STILL talking about Sunday's half marathon.
... I'm still riding this runner's high. Every time I stop to think about the race I smile like a fool.
... More race day photos have been released, therefore I feel I must share them with you. You are welcome.
... I don't care who you are. No one looks cute while running. No. One.
... I'm ok with big orange "PROOF" on every race day photo. $57 for a "package" of race pics? I don't think so.
... I thought we'd make it to Sea World, or the San Diego Zoo this past weekend. We did neither. We enjoyed our hotel, and all of its amenities to the fullest, and that was it.
... Our weekend calendar is totally clear! I'm already in love with the idea of a lazy Saturday and Sunday spent with my two favorite guys.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. at least you can muster up a smile for your pictures! I always look like such a grump when I run!

  2. I love a good "no plans" weekend!

  3. Ride the high while it lasts!!

    I'd love a free weekend!! Problem w/ those are we always sit here and think of s/t to do instead of just enjoying some time at home. :)

  4. ahhh free weekends. I don't have one in sight until after the wedding. :( And PS you look awesome while running. I look like a beluga whale that is flopping around on the pavement. Truth.

  5. Hey, sometimes hotels can have better amenities than zoos and aquariums!

  6. I think you looked ADORABLE! Good job!

  7. I say ride that wave girl! I love that you thew the thumbs up in that one picture :)

  8. Hehe! I would be on a high too! Huge accomplishment!

  9. Keep riding that wave! Jealous of your weekend... we are busy again. Baby shower on friday night, trivia night on Saturday night, and Cards gamr with the kids on Sunday.

  10. heck yes - you have every right to ride this high! you rock!

  11. congratulations on your race!! and i think you look great! :)


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