Five Random Things

I couldn't pull myself together to collect enough of a coherent thought to post what I really wanted to post about. Check back in tomorrow, because there is a pressing issue on my mind. I'm going to need your help. Just not today.

For now I'll leave you with Five Random Things... 
1. I have an irrational fear of spiders. I think this is because when I was little we had a creepy bathroom in our basement (which was equally as creepy). In that bathroom there ALWAYS seemed to be daddy long legs, and they scared me to death. If I spot a spider I will stand in a room and holler for help rather than deal with it myself.
Even the cute cartoony spiders creep me out.
2. There HAS to be a glass, or nalgene bottle, full of water on my bed stand at night; 99.9% of the time I won't take a single sip. But, what if I wake up and need a drink? I don't want to go *all* the way downstairs to wet my whistle. What if there are spiders down there??
Honestly, I can't fall asleep without water by my side.
3. The clothes in my closet have to be JUST SO. Items are separated by season and color. My shoes, however, are a TOTALLY different story. Those suckers just run a muck on the floor. 
Nice and neat. Total disaster. 
4. Sorting, washing, and drying clothes are no biggie. But, I DESPISE folding clothes. Especially whites. All those socks! No.thank.you. 
Some day, kid, you'll be folding this stuff!
5. I'm in love with all things aquatics. In another life I had a big girl job where I trained kids how to be lifeguards and swim instructors. Prior to that I was a lifeguard and swim instructor myself. I've even had a few gigs teaching water aerobics. 
Growing up I was on the swim team. AND, I was a synchronized swimmer. Yep, bet you wish you could see videos of that! :) But seriously, that stuff is hard work. Ever tried to hold your breath for ridiculous periods of time, all while doing water stunts? Hard work I tell ya.
Before the very last synchro show I ever participated in. I did synchro for a combined 14 or so years.
I'd love to hear five randoms about you!


  1. I am the same way about water, my husband makes fun of me :)

  2. I am the same with the water and every morning there it sits untouch but like you I don't want to wake and have to go all the way downstairs for water. ;)

  3. Oh I'm totally with you on 3 of your 5: HATE spiders, closet LOOKS very similar, & the folding/put away {especially of socks} totally sucks!!!!

  4. I am like that with water too! I was never like that until I got pregnant, but it stuck!

  5. I hate folding socks too! So much so that I don't :-P I just throw them all in a drawer and we dig for matches as we need them haha

    ....and I don't like swimming :-o However the girls have so many cute swimsuits that I will force myself to go. I much prefer hot tubs if I have to be in water hehe

  6. It's so awesome that you used to be a synchronized swimmer! I wish I could say that I'd done something awesome like that in my life! I hate folding clothes...and my closet is a hot mess!

  7. EXACT SAME on #2 and #3. So weird. This is so weird.

  8. And I mean....sort of on #5 too. I was the assistant manager of the city pool for awhile. But a synchronized swimmer I was not. However.....I'm really into marching band.....so I like choreographed stuff? With music?....

  9. I laughed so hard at #2! Haha!!

  10. Yep, I'm the exact same way with #2! The water almost always sits untouched overnight, but I have to have it there. But I end up getting an easy head start on my daily water intake the morning because I try to drink it while I'm getting ready for work :)

  11. This was fun to read. I love learning a little bit more from a blogger friend :)

    I always have to have water too! And I'm afraid of spiders in the sense that they give me the creepy crawlies but I would kill so fast the spider has no chance to live.


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