Birthday Gift and an AMAZING Giveaway!

Yesterday there was talk of posting a few recipes from the big birthday bash. That will come, all in due time.

Right now I have to show you the cutest jackets Marcus received for his birthday from my mom. I'm talking A-FREAKING-DORABLE!
Representing my Alma mater. Go Cyclones! 
Look at that little man, strutting his stuff. Someone obviously enjoys his awesome new jacket.

Put Marcus in something he doesn't like, or a team that isn't his favorite, and you get THIS:
Clearly the ISU jacket is his favorite.
I kid, I kid. (Kind of.)
All better.
Here's a closer look at the detail in these amazing jackets.
Each jacket was customized to fit Marcus' (and our) likes to the "t."
From his monogrammed first name on the front, to the last name monogrammed on the hood, to the differences in the sleeves, to the lining, each is unique and beautiful! These will certainly get LOTS of wear.
I have to brag a bit, my mom in an amazing seamstress. She made my senior prom dress, and besides my wedding dress, that prom dress is the most gorgeous thing hanging in my closet. 

I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

Take a quick peak at a few other jackets she's made in the past:
She's made so many, I had a hard time picking out just a handful to share. 
For the sake of privacy, I did blur out the full names on the jackets. But each is too flipping cute for words.

So what's all the hub bub about these jackets? Well, we want to share one of these with you! One lucky winner will get a customized infant/toddler/child jacket! 

I totally get that Spring is here, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for next Fall/Winter!

Just follow the Rafflecopter prompts below to get your name in the drawing.

Just a few housekeeping rules before you enter:
1) You must be a US resident.
2) You must be 18 years or older to enter.
3) Please note, not all collegiate or professional teams release rights to their logos, and fabrics may not be available. 
4) The winner does not have to have first and/or last name embroidered on the jacket.
5) The winner may choose between infant, toddler, and children's sizes only.
6) The winner may be asked to provide measurements for a more accurate fitting jacket.
7) Please allow 10-14 business days for customization and shipping. 
8) Contest begins Wednesday, March 27 and ends Sunday, April 7.
9) Participants may enter multiple times every day the raffle is open.
10) The winner will be announced Monday, April 8.
11) The winner has 48 hours to claim his/her prize. 
12) If the winner does not claim his/her prize within the 48 hours the winner forfeits the prize and a second winner will  be drawn. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I spy Drew's jacket! I'll let others enter as I already have one that still fits our munchkin. :)

  2. These are so adorable! Does your mom sell these also?

  3. Too stinkin cute! She does amazing work!

    I LOVE the John Deere one! That is my little man all the way!

  4. These are the best jackets ever, can I get one made in adult sizes I'm a 46Long!

  5. These jackets are so darn cute!!! I hope I win. :-)

  6. OMG!! These are so cute! Does she have an Etsy shop? My husband would want the Bears... I would want 49ers... So we would probably have to compromise with camo ;-)

  7. These ate adorable! We'd love to have one that was Cincinnati Reds! Only a few more days until the season begins!

  8. Eeek! LOVE the JD jackets. Marissa loves her some JD!

  9. So cute...I wonder what his reaction would be to a Baylor Jacket?

    Sic Em Bears!!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

    (I'm sure it would be better then a Jay Hawk Jacket)

  10. I def would have to go with a matchy matchy Cyclone jacket!! Love those.

  11. A Kathy Dudding original...YES PLEASE! :)

  12. These are so darn cute!! My godson would be adorable in one of those!

  13. I love those jackets! I think the KSU one is awesome, but I am partial to KU which is what I would choose. Go Jayhawks!

  14. Soooo cute! I'd probably see if there was St. Louis Cardinals fleece available, since my husband is obsessed :-)

  15. PS...in the future you should add an entry for *blogging* about the giveaway! Because I don't do twitter or instagram haha

  16. These ARE adorable!! I would love for O to have one!

  17. Thosr jackets are so cute!!!

  18. My husband would love for his boy to wear one of these jackets with his favorite team.

  19. Oh my goodness what a cutie pie :) Love it!! Especially the cry face :)

  20. Wow! Your mom has tons of talent! Those jackets are amazing!

  21. Love the jacket! Your mom is so sweet. I hope we win!!

  22. Can't wait to put Turner in a Nebraska jacket!

  23. Hope we win if not maybe I can pay your mom to make us one :)


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