I'm still in pursuit of my "big girl" job in LA. But, for now I'm going to continue to soak up the perks of my current job (pun slightly intended:).

My company often has me going from one private pool to another, to teach the little tadpoles water safety, along with how to swim. The company also contracts out with several hotels around West LA. Last week I was sent to a couple hotels that were simply stunning.

The LUXE - A hotel that can be found downtown, as well as off Sunset Boulevard. This location below is off Sunset. This pool is nestled in the hills, right off the crazy 405 freeway and super busy Sunset. Upon arrival, the hustle and bustle of the city immediately fall by the way-side.

As soon as I realized I had the pool to myself, I thought I'd snap a quick picture of the calm amidst all the craziness of LA. 

The second pool I was fortunate to venture to was The Montage. This amazing hotel is located just two blocks from Rodeo Drive. I stuck out like a sore thumb, in my swim suit and pool toys, among those wealthy enough to afford a night in a place such as The Montage.

The photo simply does not do the hotel, or the pool justice. Just image something you'd see in a movie... This place could probably fit your image. As I described it to Scott when I got home, the place was "dripping with money." 

 To top it all off, it's April 7 and the tans lines are already in place. :)
Ahhh, "work."

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