Ornament Exchange & A Few Favorites

For as long as I can remember ornaments have been a pretty big deal in my family. Each year since I can remember, my parents have gifted us a new ornament at Christmas. Usually it's something that's representative of a major event that has happened in our lives within that particular year (lettering in a sport, graduating college, getting married, having babies, you get the idea). Along with the annual Christmas ornament we've always picked up an ornament whenever we travel. I've carried both those traditions along to my family. I have hopes that when Marcus and Julia are grown they will have a nice little collection of ornaments to adorn their trees when they have families of their own.
That said, to this day I love receiving ornaments. When the Annual Ornament Exchange was announced I couldn't pounce on the opportunity fast enough. In the last six years of blogging I've met some incredible ladies, and many of them I consider friends - even if we haven't actually met face to face.

When I learned Johannah and I were partnered I was pretty excited. I've followed Johannah for about as long as I've been blogging, and I feel like I've gotten to know her quite well in that time. Picking an ornament for her was pretty easy, as she shares a love for something/somewhere as much as I do. I'll give you a hint - it involves a mouse and the most magical place on earth. To see what I sent her, hop over to The Sirois Family for her reveal!

When I opened Johannah's ornament it couldn't have been more perfect.
Can you guess which one she sent?
Johannah gets our love for the Royals (she and her family are big Red Sox fans themselves). When I opened this guy he immediately brought a smile to my face. Though our beloved baseball team didn't have an October like last year, it still reminds me of home, as well as the two World Series games Scott and I were able to witness in person (the first in San Fransisco in 2014, and again in Kansas City in 2015). I am also so appreciative that this ornament isn't breakable. The bottom portion of our tree is merely sprinkled with ornaments, so anything that can withstand Julia's not-so-gentle touch is very much welcome.

Johannah, thank you for the sweetest, most perfect ornament! Each year when we hang it on our tree I will be reminded of home as well as this wonderful blogging community.

Because I couldn't stop with just one ornament, I wanted to show a few others that are on display (albeit much higher on the tree, because, Julia).
1. This Swarovski maple leaf was our wedding cake topper. While I was searching for the perfect top for our cake I knew I wanted something that we could make into an ornament. This ornament goes in the same spot every year; at the top of the tree, right beneath the star.
2. Recently my has dad gotten back into the art of making stained glass (he did this years ago when I was little), and he made us two gorgeous snowflake ornaments.
3. Our travels to Cabo this year included the annual hunt for the perfect ornament. When we found this manger scene I knew it was meant for our tree. 
4. The year both babies were born I had block ornaments made commemorating their arrival. Each side of the block holds a photo and birth stat (height, weight, birth day).
5. The first year Scott and I were married my mom kept a wedding program and made it into an ornament. I love that she did this because I don't think I kept a program for myself. 
6. In 2014 Scott took it upon himself to make an ornament out of our Christmas card. I sincerely love that he did this on his own, and that Marcus helped in its creation.

Narrowing down six wasn't easy! I just might have to come back and share six more...


  1. Awww!! I love the ornament blocks with the kids photos!!! So adorable!! Johannah did such a great job with your ornament. That snowman is adorable and perfect for you. So fun!

  2. I am SO glad you loved your Royals snowman! I kept looking in stores around here and nothing caught my eye at all. So I checked Etsy and then it hit me, a KC Royals ornament! Even though it really pained me not to buy a Red Sox one! LOL =) Thank you again for everything!!!!

  3. Aaaawwww she did SO good! Everyone really knocked this one out of the park! Those baby photo cubes are super fun! I am also loving that family photo by the tree, it caught my eye right away.

  4. Beautiful tree, friend! I am loving that deer wrapping paper under your tree! Johannah totally nailed it! The KC snowman is perfect and oh so adorable. I need to find a Texas Rangers one! I adore all of your other special ornaments as well. So neat that you turned your cake topper into an ornament.

  5. Oh I love your tree! Your ornament is perfect for you guys!

  6. Such a pretty tree friend! Those square ornaments of the stats and picture, too cute! Is it too late to do it now? hehe.

  7. I love that you turned your wedding cake topper into an ornament! We used two moose as our wedding cake toppers, and they would make perfect ornaments as well!

  8. Awe... the little snowman she got you is too cute! I loved what you picked out for her as well! Fun exchange!!

  9. A royal's snowman! Cute he be any cuter?! How thoughtful!

  10. Your tree looks so pretty and your ornament is perfect for you! This was such a fun exchange!

  11. What a genius and gorgeous cake topper/ornament!! That lil snowman is darling and fits right in on your tree.

  12. Your tree actually tells a story! That's beautiful.

  13. That snowman is so cute! I really like what Scott did with the Christmas cards. I'd say he's a keeper! ;)

  14. I love ornaments! I always buy a new one every year, it's one of my favorite traditions.


  15. That's a perfect ornament for you and your love of the Royals.

  16. The Royals snowman!!! I love it! He is seriously so so cute!!
    I LOVE the other ornaments that you shared too! I love how special they are and the meaning behind them all. So cool that your wedding cake topper was an ornament that you could hang on your tree each year. I wish I had done something like that because to be honest, I can't even remember now what our cake topper was...??? Flowers maybe?


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